Jan Moretus and the Continuation of the Plantin Press (2 Vols.)

A Bibliography of the Works published and printed by Jan Moretus I in Antwerp (1589-1610)


Author: Dirk Imhof
Honourable Mention at 17th ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography (2018)

The Plantin Press was one of the best known printing-publishing enterprises in the sixteenth century. In many ways, this bibliography builds and expands upon Leon Voet’s well-known publication The Plantin Press.
This bibliography of Jan Moretus I, Christopher Plantin's successor, documents the activities of the Plantin Press during the years 1589 till 1610. It contains descriptions of his own editions and other works printed by him. The extensive bibliography contains 704 descriptions of the Jan Moretus editions and lists over 500 announcements that he printed for the city of Antwerp.

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Dirk Imhof is curator of the rare books and archives at the Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp. His research focuses on sixteenth-century book history. Together with Karen Bowen he published Christopher Plantin and Engraved Book Illustrations in Sixteenth Century Europe (Cambridge University Press, 2008).
A “bibliographical masterpiece [and] formidable book”.
Frans A. Janssen, University of Amsterdam (Emeritus). In: Quaerendo, Vol. 45, Nos. 1-2 (2015), pp. 163–166.

“The vast scale of the [Moretus's printing] business has now been set out in a welcome and magisterial fashion.”
David McKitterick, Cambridge. In: The Library, 7.16.4 (December 2015), pp. 472–473.

“Dirk Imhof’s Jan Moretus and the Continuation of the Plantin Press is and will no doubt long remain a milestone in bibliography.”
Goran Proot, Università di Udine. In: De Gulden Passer, 95 (2017), pp. 184–187.

“This superb panorama of the publishing activity of Johannes Moretus I makes us all share the hope, expressed by Dirk Imhof himself in the Foreword of his work, that a similar census of the books printed by Johannes’s son and successor at the helm of the company, Balthasar Moretus I (1574–1641), may follow in the near future.”
Marc Laureys Universität Bonn. In: Neulateinisches Jahrbuch, Vol. 19 (2017), pp. 445-448.

Biography of Jan Moretus I
Characteristics of Jan Moretus’s editions
Bibliography of the Works printed and published by Jan Moretus I
Authors A-Y
Catalogus Edictorum
I. Ordinances and Edicts
II. Gheboden ... der Stadt van Antwerpen
Appendix 1. References to archival documents from the Plantin-Moretus Museum
Appendix 2. Printer’s devices
Indices and Lists
Index of names
Alphabetical list of titles
Chronological list of the editions
Editions according to language
Editions printed for, or by others
A. Editions printed for other publishers
B. Editions printed by other printers for Jan Moretus I
C. Editions printed by Jan Moretus I under another name
D. Title page editions
Editions according to subject
Libraries with a collection of rare books; historians of the early modern period, in particular book historians and art historians.