Mirroring Europe

Ideas of Europe and Europeanization in Balkan Societies


Editor: Tanja Petrović
Mirroring Europe offers refreshing insight into the ways Europe is imagined, negotiated and evoked in Balkan societies in the time of their accession to the European Union. Until now, visions of Europe from the southeast of the continent have been largely overlooked. By examining political and academic discourses, cultural performances, and memory practices, this collection destabilizes supposedly clear and firm division of the continent into East and West, ‘old’ and ‘new’ Europe, ‘Europe’ and ‘still-not-Europe’. The essays collected here show Europe to be a dynamic, multifaceted, contested idea built on values, images and metaphors that are widely shared across such geographic and ideological frontiers.

Contributors are: Čarna Brković, Ildiko Erdei, Ana Hofman, Fabio Mattioli, Marijana Mitrović, Nermina Mujagić, Orlanda Obad, and Tanja Petrović.
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Biographical Note

Tanja Petrović, Ph.D. (1974), is a Senior Research Associate at the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. She has published monographs, chapters and articles on cultural and linguistic identities and processes in the societies of the former Yugoslavia.

Table of contents

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Notes on Contributors

Part I: De-Provincializing Western Europe

1 Tanja Petrović: Europeanization and the Balkans: An Introduction to the Volume
2 Orlanda Obad: On the Privilege of the Peripheral Point of View: A Beginner’s Guide to Balkanism Studies and Practices

Part II: Performing Europe

3 Ana Hofman: Balkan Music Awards: Popular Music Industries in the Balkans between Already-Europe and Europe-To-Be
4 Fabio Mattioli: Regimes of Aesthetics: Competing Performances Surrounding the Skopje 2014 Plan

Part III: Europe as Nostalgia / Utopia

5 Tanja Petrović: Mourning the Lost Modernity: Industrial Labor, Europe, and (post)Yugoslav Postsocialism
6 Ildiko Erdei: IKEA in Serbia: Debates on Modernity, Culture and Democracy in the Pre-Accession Period
7 Marijana Mitrović: Nostalgia and Utopia in Post-Yugoslav Feminist Genealogies in the Light of Europeanization

Part IV: Europe in Political Imagination

8 Čarna Brković: The Quest for Legitimacy: Discussing the Language and Sexuality in Montenegro
9 Nermina Mujagić: The European Union as a Spectacle: The Case of the Slovenian-Croatian Dispute over the Sea Border



All interested in anthropology of Europe, European politics, history, cultural studies, and everyone concerned with study of contemporary Balkans.


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