Nationality Law in the Western Hemisphere

A Study on Grounds for Acquisition and Loss of Citizenship in the Americas and the Caribbean

In Nationality Law in the Western Hemisphere, Olivier Vonk provides the first comprehensive overview in English of the grounds for acquisition and loss of citizenship in the thirty-five independent countries in the Americas and the Caribbean. Employing a typology developed by the European Union Democracy Observatory on Citizenship, he convincingly shows that different nationality laws can be compared by using a systematic analytical grid. The individual country chapters additionally pay due regard to issues such as dual citizenship and statelessness, and include thorough historical observations as well as extensive bibliographical references for each state. Nationality Law in the Western Hemisphere allows academics, practitioners, governments and international organizations to assess nationality legislation beyond a purely national context.

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Olivier Vonk, Ph.D. (2010), European University Institute, is a Marie Curie fellow at Maastricht University and was previously a visiting researcher at Georgetown University (2012-2014). He has published widely on citizenship law, including Dual Nationality in the European Union (MNP, 2012).
Acknowledgments; List of Abbreviations; Map of the Western Hemisphere
PART I Nationality Law in the Western Hemisphere: Setting the Scene
Chapter 1
1. General Introduction
2. Observations on Matters of Terminology and Definition in Nationality Law
3. On the Nationality Legislation of the Two Major Former Colonial Powers in the Western Hemisphere: Britain and Spain
Chapter 2 Non-Sovereign Caribbean Territories that Belong to Britain, France, the Netherlands, or the United States
Chapter 3 Key Observations from the Nationality Law-related Case Law of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Chapter 4 On Modes of Acquisition and Loss of Nationality: the European Union Democracy Observatory on Citizenship Typology
PART II Grounds for Acquisition and Loss of Citizenship in the Independent Nation-States of the Western Hemisphere
Chapter 5 Introduction to the Country Analyses
1. Antigua and Barbuda; 2. Argentina; 3. Bahamasl; 4. Barbados; 5. Belize; 6. Bolivia; 7. Brazil; 8. Canada; 9. Chile; 10. Colombia; 11. Costa Rica; 12. Cuba; 13. Dominica; 14. Dominican Republic; 15. Ecuador; 16. El Salvador; 17. Grenada; 18. Guatemala; 19. Guyana; 20. Haiti; 21. Honduras; 22. Jamaica; 23. Mexico; 24. Nicaragua; 25. Panama; 26. Paraguay; 27. Peru; 28. Saint Kitts and Nevis; 29. Saint Lucia; 30. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; 31. Surinam; 32. Trinidad and Tobago; 33. United States of America; 34. Uruguay; 35. Venezuela;
Chapter 6 Comparative Conclusions by Individual Mode of Acquisition and Mode of Loss of Citizenship
All interested in the different ways of acquiring and losing citizenship in the countries belonging to the Western Hemisphere, and anyone concerned with nationality law more broadly – including matters of dual nationality and statelessness