Storytelling in Chefchaouen Northern Morocco

An Annotated Study of Oral Performance with Transliterations and Translations


Storytelling in Chefchaouen Northern Morocco includes two sets of tales told by two different storytellers with an annotated study of the oral performance, transliterations and translations. The purpose is to preserve a part of the region’s oral tradition of storytelling in the vernacular language in which it has been transmitted, presenting the original texts with parallel English translation. In addition, the cultural, literary, and linguistic background necessary for understanding this body of oral performance is given. A combination of disciplines (anthropology, philology, sociolinguistics, dialectology, comparative literature, ethnography, typology) is applied to the linguistic and literary features of the present corpus.
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Biographical Note

Aicha Rahmouni, Ph.D. (2001) in Philosophy, Beer-Sheva University is currently working as an Independent Scholar. She is a former fellow of the Society for the Humanities, Cornell University, where she has taught for two years. She has also taught at the University of Pennsylvania, New York University and Universität Wien. She has published several articles on Ancient Near Eastern Studies, in addition to her book, Divine Epithets in the Ugaritic Alphabetic Texts, HdO93, Brill.

Review Quotes

“The book represents a valuable contribution to the field of Moroccan folktales, in particular, and Arabic folklore in general…. In the field of Arabic and Moroccan oral literature there are few works that have respected the original spirit of the texts, as Rahmouni does here. For this reason, this kind of anthology is always very welcome.”
Montserrat Rabadán in Orientalistische Literaturzeitung, 2016, Band 111, 6.

"Die Studie von Rahmouni ist für Dialektologen sicherlich eine Bereicherung, da sie eine umfangreiche Textsammlung mit vielen lexikalischen wie phonetischen und morphologischen Besonderheiten eines alten Stadtdialekts bietet, die durch vielfältige Register gut erschlossen werden kann. Außerdem sind die ausführlichen soziokulturellen Erläuterungen im zweiten Teil und die vielen Annotierungen im Textteil für Ethnologen eine gute
Ergänzung zu Westermarck und Rackow."
Jürgen Sieberer in Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes, vol. 106/2016.

"Aicha Rahmouni and her gracious narrators have provided rich foundational material from which folklore scholars and others can benefit."
Sabra J. Webber in Fabula, 2016, Band 57, 1/2.

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All interested in Arabic dialectology, Arabic philology, Moroccan language and culture, North African Arab and Berber literature, Anthropology, Sociolinguistics, Ethnography, Language and Gender in the Arab world; Folklore and Typology; Memory/Psychology of learning.