Prowess, Piety, and Public Order in Medieval Society

Studies in Honor of Richard W. Kaeuper


Richard Kaeuper’s career has examined three salient concerns of medieval society - knightly prowess and violence, lay and religious piety, and public order and government - most directly in three of his monographs: War, Justice, and Public Order (Oxford, 1988), Chivalry and Violence in Medieval Europe (Oxford, 1999), and Holy Warriors (Penn, 2009). Kaeuper approaches historical questions with an eye towards illuminating the inherent complexities in human ideas and ideals, and he has worked to untangle the various threads holding together cultural constructs such as chivalry, licit violence, and lay piety. The present festschrift in his honor brings together scholars from across disciplines to engage with those same concerns in medieval society from a variety of perspectives.
Contributors are: Bernard S. Bachrach, Elizabeth A.R. Brown, Samuel A. Claussen, David Crouch, Thomas Devaney, Paul Dingman, Daniel P. Franke, Richard Firth Green, Christopher Guyol, John D. Hosler, William Chester Jordan, Craig M. Nakashian, W. Mark Ormrod, Russell A. Peck, Anthony J. Pollard, Michael Prestwich, Sebastian Rider-Bezerra, Leah Shopkow, and Peter W. Sposato.
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Biographical Note

Craig M. Nakashian, Ph.D. (2010), University of Rochester, is an Associate Professor of History at Texas A&M University-Texarkana. He has published on religion and war in the Middle Ages, including Warrior Churchmen of Medieval England, 1000-1250 (Boydell & Brewer, 2016).
Daniel P. Franke, Ph.D. (2014), University of Rochester, is an Assistant Professor of History at Richard Bland College of William and Mary. He has published on the crusades and warfare and is writing a monograph on the earls of Suffolk.

Table of contents

Preface: Richard W. Kaeuper as Mentor xiii
Leah Shopkow, Craig M. Nakashian and Daniel P. Franke
Acknowledgements xviii
List of Contributors xix
Introduction: Richard W. Kaeuper as Historian 1
Craig M. Nakashian
part 1
War and Chivalry
1 Is the Song of Roland’s Roncevalles a Military Satire? 15
Bernard S. Bachrach
2 Chivalric Carnage? Fighting, Capturing and Killing at the Battles of Dol
and Fornham in 1173 36
John D. Hosler
3 Prowess and Privilege: Robert Ufford, Earl of Suffolk and the Limits of
Chivalry in Edward iii’s England 62
Daniel P. Franke
part 2
Chivalric Identities
4 The Violence of the Preudomme 87
David Crouch
5 Chivalry and Honor-Violence in Late Medieval Florence 102
Peter W. Sposato
6 Loyalty, Autonomy, and Virtue: Redefining Nobility in Late-
Medieval Castile 120
Thomas Devaney
7 English Chivalry and the Decline of Strenuous Knighthood in the
Later Fifteenth Century 140
Anthony J. Pollard
part 3
Religion and Violence
8 “Li arcevesque est mult bon chevalier”: The Chivalric Ideals of
Archbishop Turpin 161
Craig M. Nakashian
9 Mooning the Abbot: A Tale of Disorder, Vulgarity, Ethnicity, and
Underwear in the Monastery 179
Leah Shopkow
10 Chivalric and Religious Valorization of Warfare in High Medieval
France 199
Samuel A. Claussen
11 Morality and Legality in Late Medieval England: The Evidence of
Benedictine Sermon Collections 218
Christopher Guyol
part 4
Kingship, Public Order, and the State
12 Philip the Fair of France, Nemesis of Edward i of England 237
Elizabeth A.R. Brown
13 Edward i: A Chivalric King? 265
Michael Prestwich
14 Expenses Related to Corporal Punishment in France 286
William Chester Jordan
15 Pardon, Parliament and Political Performance in Later Medieval England 301
W. Mark Ormrod
part 5
Literature and Culture in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
16 A Reconsideration of Middle Welsh Literature as Historical Evidence
for Social Violence 323
Sebastian Rider-Bezerra
17 Chivalry and the Wise Watchman: A Study of Patience, Penance, and
the Homeward Journey in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and Troilus and
Criseyde 344
Russell A. Peck
18 Sword-made Men: Mystical Armament and Earthly Authority in
Malory’s Le Morte Darthur 368
Paul Dingman
19 Refighting Carlo Ginzburg’s Night Battles 381
Richard Firth Green
Index of Modern Authors 403
Index of Names and Subjects 405
Index of Ancient Sources 4


This volume will be of interest to students and specialists of medieval culture and society.