The Acquisition of Hebrew Phonology and Morphology

Editor: Outi Bat-El
The joint enterprise between research in theoretical linguistics and the acquisition of phonology and morphology is the focus of this volume, which provides fresh data from Hebrew, evaluates old issues and addresses new ones. The volume includes articles on segmental phonology (vowel harmony and consonant harmony), prosodic phonology (the prosodic word, onsets and codas), and phonological errors in spelling. It attempts to bridge the gap between phonology and morphology with articles on the development of filler syllables and the effect of phonology on the development of verb inflection. It also addresses morphology, as well as the development of morphological specification and the assignment of gender in L2 Hebrew. The data are drawn from typically and atypically developing children, using longitudinal and cross-sectional experimental methods.

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Outi Bat-El is a Professor in the Department of Linguistics at Tel-Aviv University.

Contributors are Aviad Albert, Orit Amiram, Sharon Armon-Lotem, Outi Bat-El, Michael Becker, Avivit Ben-David, Limor Adi-Bensaid, Evan-Gary Cohen, Chen Gafni, Noa Karni, Gila Tubul-Lavy, Lyle Lustigman, and Hadass Zaidenberg.
Linguists interested in phonology, morphology, language acquisition, and Hebrew. Clinicians and speech therapists interested in typical and atypical language development.