Zheng He’s Maritime Voyages (1405-1433) and China’s Relations with the Indian Ocean World

A Multilingual Bibliography

Volume Editors: Ying Liu, Zhongping Chen, and Gregory Blue
Zheng He’s Maritime Voyages (1405-1433) and China’s Relations with the Indian Ocean World: A Multilingual Bibliography provides a multidisciplinary guide to publications on this great navigator’s activities and their impact on Chinese and world history. Admiral Zheng He commanded the fifteenth-century world’s largest fleet. In the course of seven voyages made between 1405 and 1433, his massive ships visited over thirty present-day countries in Asia and Africa. Those voyages reflected and reinforced the development of complex networks of trade, migration, cultural exchange, and political interactions between China and the Indian Ocean world.
This bibliography lists sources in thirteen languages, including both scholarly studies and popular works like Gavin Menzies’s controversial bestsellers claiming the Chinese sailed around the world before Columbus. Relevant translations, transliterations and annotations are provided to aid the reader.

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Ying Liu, M.A. (2001) and M.L.I.S. (2004), McGill University, is an Asian Studies Librarian at University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She has written and presented several articles on resources and library collections about Asian Canadian history and Chinese history.
Zhongping Chen, Ph.D. (1998), University of Hawaii, is an associate professor of Chinese history at University of Victoria. He has published dozens of articles and three books. His representative publication is Modern China’s Network Revolution (Stanford, 2011).
Gregory Blue, Ph.D. (1989) University of Cambridge, is an associate professor at the University of Victoria where he teaches world and comparative history. His recent publications include the co-authored Death by a Thousand Cuts (Harvard, 2008) on a form of judicial execution in imperial China. His research interests include the history of Sino-Western interactions, intellectual history, social and political theory, comparative colonialism, and the history of science.

Academic readers and students of varied disciplinary orientation who are interested in the history of imperial China and its relations with the broader world, especially anyone with interests in China’s relations with the Indian Ocean world prior to the European naval entry into that arena.