Human Rights and Development

Legal Perspectives from and for Ethiopia


The papers by international and Ethiopian scholars included in Human Rights and Development: Legal Perspectives from and for Ethiopia focus on the interconnectedness between the protection of human rights and the achievement of development. The book adds to the international debate by providing a unique insight into the Ethiopian perspective on the nexus between rights and development and by discussing how this nexus manifests itself in the Ethiopian context. The comparative and international frameworks and examples constitute a valuable resource for the debate on human rights and development in Ethiopia, which is currently taking place in the context of the developmental state approach pursued by the Ethiopian government.

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Eva Brems (LLM Harvard 1995, PhD KU Leuven 1999) is a Professor of Human Rights Law at Ghent University. Her research interests cover most areas of human rights law, in European and international law as well as in Belgian and comparative law.

Christophe Van der Beken (PhD Ghent University 2006) is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Federalism and Legal Studies, Ethiopian Civil Service University. He is the author of several publications on federalism and constitutional law in Ethiopia.

Solomon Abay Yimer (PhD University of Amsterdam 2011) is Assistant Professor of Financial and Economic Law at the Ethiopian Civil Service University and Addis Ababa University. He has published on issues of financial and economic law and interdisciplinary issues of human rights.

Table of contents

List of Tables and Charts; Notes on Contributors;
The Nexus between Human Rights and Development from International and Ethiopian Perspectives Eva Brems, Christophe Van der Beken and Solomon Abay Yimer;
The Right to Development
Chapter 1 The Right to Development in Africa Koen De Feyter;
Chapter 2 Human Rights and Development in Africa: Assessing COMESA’s Experience Adolphe Kilomba Sumaili;
Chapter 3 The Right to Development in Ethiopia Abdi Jibril Ali;
Development as a Threat to Human Rights
Chapter 4 Ethiopia: Development with or without Freedom? Assefa Fiseha Yeibyio;
Chapter 5 Addressing the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the Development of Ethiopia: a Difficult Compromise or a Compelling Necessity? Dorothée Cambou;
Chapter 6 Foreign Direct Investment in Ethiopian Land: The Good, the Bad, and the Lessons to Be Learned Genny Ngende;
Integrating Human Rights in Development
Chapter 7 Market Development and Human Rights Protection: Enforcing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in Ethiopia Solomon Abay Yimer;
Chapter 8 The Quest for Effective Remedies in the Home States of Transnational Corporations: Legal Realism versus Legal Reality Lieselot Verdonck;
Chapter 9 The Role of Grants in Local Development Efforts: Case Study on Local Autonomy and Accountability from a Human Rights-Based Approach in Ethiopia Solomon Negussie Abesha;
Chapter 10 Environmental Rights and Investment in Ethiopia: a Strenuous Relationship Zerihun Yimer Geleta;
Human Rights for Development: A Wide Range of Fora
Chapter 11 Poverty and Human Rights: A European Perspective Laurens Lavrysen;
Chapter 12 The Human Rights Commission of Ethiopia and Issues of Forced Evictions: A Case-oriented Study of its Practice Mohammed Abdo Mohammed;
Chapter 13 Gender Equality, Women’s Rights, and Environmental Sustainability: The Case of Climate Change Nicky Broeckhoven;


This book is of interest for scholars and students in the areas of human rights, development, African and Ethiopian studies as well as for international and non-governmental organizations and consultants.

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