David the Invincible Commentary on Porphyry’s Isagoge

Old Armenian Text with the Greek Original, an English Translation, Introduction and Notes


The Armenian version of David the Invincible’s Commentary on Porphyry's Isagoge, although extremely literal, is shorter by a quarter than the Greek original and contains revised passages. The Greek text reproduces Busse’s edition (1904) but sometimes preference is given to readings in the apparatus, corroborated by the Armenian version. The Armenian text is based on Arevšatyan’s edition (1976), but seven more manuscripts have been consulted and some varia lectiones confirmed by the Greek original have been included in the text. The English translation is from the Armenian version. The passages of the Greek text without Armenian equivalent are translated into English as well. Also, the book contains Armenian marginal scholia.
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Biographical Note

Gohar Muradyan, Doctor of Philology (1986), Doctor of Sciences (Philology) (2005), is Senior Researcher at the Institute of Ancient Manuscripts (Matenadaran) in Erevan, Armenia. She has published critical editions of texts, monographs and articles on old Armenian translations from Greek, including Physiologus, The Greek and Armenian Versions with a Study of Translation Technique (Peeters, 2005), and Grecisms in Ancient Armenian (Peeters, 2012).

Review Quotes

"Gohar Muradyan has made a meticulous new edition of the work. ... Taken as a whole this is a truly impressive and invaluable work of scholarship—a reference edition that is certain to stand the test of time.” -Tara L. Andrews, University of Vienna COMSt Bulletin 3/1 (2017)


All those interested in the transmission of the classical heritage in the Near East, the philosophy of Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages, philosophical commentaries, classical philologists, Byzantinists and Armenologists.


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