Frontiers of the Ottoman Imagination

Studies in Honour of Rhoads Murphey

Frontiers of the Ottoman Imagination is a compilation of articles celebrating the work of Rhoads Murphey, the eminent scholar of Ottoman studies who has worked at the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies at the University of Birmingham for more than two decades. This volume offers two things: the versatility and influence of Rhoads Murphey is seen here through the work of his colleagues, friends and students, in a collection of high quality and cutting edge scholarship. Secondly, it is a testament of the legacy of Rhoads and the CBOMGS in the world of Ottoman Studies. The collection includes articles covering topics as diverse as cartography, urban studies and material culture, spanning the Ottoman centuries from the late Byzantine/early Ottoman to the twentieth century.

Contributors include: Ourania Bessi, Hasan Çolak, Marios Hadjianastasis, Sophia Laiou, Heath W. Lowry, Konstantinos Moustakas, Claire Norton,
Amanda Phillips, Katerina Stathi, Johann Strauss, Michael Ursinus, Naci Yorulmaz.

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" Frontiers of the Ottoman Imagination is a volume of articles written and compiled in honor of historian Rhoads Murphey by his students and colleagues. The volume offers a noteworthy contribution to Ottoman studies in that it brings together articles by emerging as well as renowned scholars that cover several political, social and cultural aspects of Ottoman history and span the imperial period and space, from the Balkans to the Mediterranean and from beginning to end. In this respect, the fact that the articles are on diverse subjects yet in harmony with one another and organized in chronological order ensures a lucid and enjoyable read for those who would like to read the book in one sitting. [...] The reader is reminded many times throughout the book that to grasp the actual frontiers of the Ottoman imagination can be harder than imagined, yet this dynamic collection of articles makes a good starting point towards achieving that goal." – Görkem Daskan, in: Turkish Review 5/2, pp. 171-173
Marios Hadjianastasis

Rhoads Murphey’s bibliography

1. Tekfur, fasiliyus and kayser: Disdain, negligence and appropriation of Byzantine imperial titulature in the Ottoman world
Hasan Çolak

2. Slave Labour in the Early Ottoman Rural Economy. Regional Variations in the Balkans during the 15th Century
Konstantinos Moustakas

3. The Topographic Reconstruction of Ottoman Dimetoka: Issues of Periodization and Urban Morphology
Ourania Bessi

4. Being Tiryaki Hasan Pasha: the textual appropriations of an Ottoman hero
Claire Norton

5. Ottoman Hil’at: Between Commodity and Charisma
Amanda Phillips

6. Between the Porte and the Lion: identity, politics and opportunism in seventeenth century Cyprus
Marios Hadjianastasis

7. The carta incognita of Ottoman Athens
Katerina Stathi

8. Lingering Questions Regarding the Lineage, Life & Death of Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa
Heath W. Lowry

9. Entre les insurgés reaya et les indisciplinés ayan: la révolution grecque et la réaction de l’Etat ottoman
Sophia Laiou

10. Regional Reform as an Ambition: Charles Blunt Sen., His Majesty’s Consul in Salonica, during his Early Years in the Ottoman Empire (1835-39)
Michael Ursinus

11. Nineteenth Century Ottoman Americana
Johann Strauss

12. The End Of Bismarck’s “Pretended Disinterestedness” and a New Era for German - Ottoman Relations: The Ottoman Special Mission to Berlin and Reşid Bey’s Report in 1881
Naci Yorulmaz

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