The Law of God

Exploring God and Civilization


Volume Editors: Pieter Vos and Onno Zijlstra
In today’s society, a positive relation between ‘God’ and ‘civilization’ is by no means self-evident. Religious believers who want to live their lives in accordance with ‘the law of God’ are often considered a threat to civilization. To many, monotheistic religion is inherently repressive and violent.
The central aim of this volume is to think of both God and civilization in a more open, space-giving way. God is seen as the One who prevents man from making an absolute claim for a relative reality, including one's religion and culture. The multifaceted relations between God and civilization are explored from systematic-theological, missiological, philosophical and ethical perspectives.

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Pieter H. Vos, PhD (2002) in theology, is Lecturer in Ethics at the Protestant Theological University (Amsterdam/Groningen) and Vice Director of the International Reformed Theological Institute (IRTI). He has published on moral formation, virtue ethics, professional ethics, and Kierkegaard.

Onno K. Zijlstra, PhD (1982) in philosophy, has taught philosophy at VU University, the Protestant Theological University (Amsterdam/Groningen) and ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. He has published on aesthetics, philosophy of language, Kierkegaard, and Wittgenstein.
Edited by Pieter Vos, Protestant Theological University and Onno Zijlstra, Protestant Theological University

Pieter Vos & Onno Zijlstra


The Law of God in a Secular State: Claiming Space in the Public Domain
Gé Speelman

Multiculturalism, Religion and Public Justice
Jonathan Chaplin

The Natural Law and Liberal Traditions: Heritage (and Hope?) of Western Civilization
David VanDrunen

The Empire and the Desert: Eastern Orthodox Theologians about Church and Civilization
Alfons Brüning

Whose Civilization Is Europe Today? Encounters between Hungarian Reformed Faith and Secular Worldviews
Ábrahám Kovács


The Aniconic God in Isaiah 43:10 and the Contemporary Discourse on Monotheism
Gerrit Singgih

Is Christ among us? Mystical Christology from the Perspective of Pseudo-Dionysius and Taoism
Jaeseung Cha

A Violent God? Philosophical Reflections on Monotheism and Genesis 22
Renée van Riessen

The Irreducibility of Religious Faith: Kierkegaard on Civilization and the Aqedah
Pieter Vos


Civic Integration: A Mission to Civilize Religious Believers?
Mechteld Jansen

Prophecy and Democracy? Some Arguments in Favor of Prophetic Discourse in Civilizing Democratic Societies
Nico Koopman

Mapping the Christian Character: Calvin and Schleiermacher on Virtue, Law and Sanctification
Heleen Zorgdrager

In Defense of Authenticity: On Art, Religion and the Authentic Self
Onno Zijlstra

Religious Transformations within Modernity: Religion and the Modern Discourse about Human Dignity and Human Rights
Wilhelm Gräb

List of Contributors

The book is of interest for academics in systematic theology, ethics, missiology, ecumenical studies, philosophy, intercultural studies, political philosophy, cultural studies, and for post-graduate students in these disciplines