Migration and Autonomous Territories

The Case of South Tyrol and Catalonia


Migration is an increasingly important reality for sub-national autonomous territories characterized by large historical communities or minorities. The diverse claims of these groups, on the one hand, and of new communities arising from migration, on the other, bring complexity to the management of migration issue in the territories.
Migration and Autonomous Territories, edited by Roberta Medda-Windischer and Andrea Carlà, draws on the fields of migration and minority studies, to analyze the challenges associated with the need to reconcile diversity and unity in autonomous territories. The volume compares the cases of South Tyrol and Catalonia, characterized both by the presence of large historical communities and minorities, and significant migration aims, and sheds new light on how sub-national units deal with migration.
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Biographical Note

Roberta Medda-Windischer, Ph.D. (2006, University of Graz), is Senior Researcher/Group Leader at the Institute for Minority Rights, EURAC, Bolzano, Italy. She has published widely on minority protection in international law and on new minorities stemming from migration.

Andrea Carlà, Ph.D. (2012, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Minority Rights of the European Academy, EURAC), is a political scientist and researcher. His research focuses on ethnic politics, migration policies and national security issues.

Table of contents

Roberta Medda-Windischer and Andrea Carlà
Part I General Section
1. Immigration and Integration in Multilevel Systems: A Challenge between Autonomy and Intergovernmental Cooperation
Karl Kössler
Part II South Tyrol
2. Tensions and Challenges between New and Old Minorities: Political Party Discourses on Migration in South Tyrol
Andrea Carlà
3. Migration and Old Minorities in South Tyrol: Beyond a ‘Nimby’ Approach?
Roberta Medda-Windischer
Part III Catalonia
4. Immigration in Catalonia and Spain: the Evolution of Shared Competence
Giovanni Poggeschi
5. Immigrant Associations and Political Participation: When Language Matters. The Catalan Case
Vicent Climent-Ferrando and Juan Carlos Triviño Salazar
6. Linguistic Citizenship - Immigration and Language Policy in Catalonia
Saul Mercado
Old and New Minorities: the Road Ahead
Roberta Medda-Windischer and Andrea Carlà
List of Contributors
Annex I
Migration and Cohabitation in the Province of Bozen/Bolzano. Recommendations for a Civic Citizenship in South-Tyrol, Roberta Medda-Windischer and Andrea Carlá (eds.) (Eurac Research, Bolzano/Bozen, 2013)
Annex II
National Agreement on Immigration. An agreement to live together (Government of Catalonia, 2008).


The volume Migration and Autonomous Territories is of interest for research institutes, academic libraries, specialists, students, practitioners, but also for educated laymen and anyone interested in minority and migration issues.

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