Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development from Rio to Rio+20

Protection de l’environnement et développement durable de Rio à Rio+20


The Challenges of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development from Rio to Rio+20 and Beyond is an innovative and original book which addresses in an analytical and critical way the issues raised by Rio+20. Its content offers a wealth of information from world leading experts in the fields of international law, international environmental law and international health law. The book provides a unique insight in issues which are at the core of the contemporary management of social, environmental and economic questions and thus represents a very important contribution to our further understanding of the concept of sustainable development. It is aimed at a global audience and at anybody interested in the future of our Planet and the fate of future generations.

Contributors are: Pia Acconci, Estelle Brosset, Francesco Buonomenna, Lucien Chabason, Carina Costa de Oliveira, Angela Di Stasi, Jérôme Dubois, Malgosia Fitzmaurice, Leonardus Gerber, Elizabeth Hodson de Jaramillo, Sophie Lavallée, Antonio Leandro, Sandrine Maljean-Dubois, Panos Merkouris, Claudia Napoli, Stefania Negri, Anna Oriolo, Rossana Palladino, Teresa Russo, Ingrid Schuler, Francesco Sindico, José Manuel Sobrino Heredia, Hélène Tigroudja, Valentina Vadi, Anna Vigorito

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Biographical Note

Malgosia Fitzmaurice, Ph.D., University of Warsaw, is Professor of Public International Law at the School of Law, Queen Mary University of London. She has published extensively on international environmental law, the law of treaties, indigenous peoples and Arctic law.

Sandrine Maljean-Dubois, Ph.D., University Aix-Marseille, is Director of research at CNRS and Director of the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Internationales et Communautaires. She has published extensively on international environmental law, the international climate regime and sustainable development.

Stefania Negri, Ph.D., University of Salerno, is Associate Professor of International law at the School of Law and Director of the Observatory on Human Rights: Bioethics, Health, Environment. She has published extensively on human rights, international biolaw and health law.

Table of contents


Preface ix
Malgosia Fitzmaurice
Notes on contributors x
Introduction 1
Stefania Negri and Sandrine Maljean-Dubois

PART 1 The Legal and Institutional Framework

1 The Normative Force of the Outcome Document “The Future We Want” - Brief Remarks 9
Angela Di Stasi
2 La gouvernance globale de l’environnement - Enjeux et perspectives après la Conférence des Nations Unies sur le développement durable « Rio+20 » 27
Sandrine Maljean-Dubois
3 Sustainable Development Partnerships as a Bridge between International Commitments and their National Implementation 40
Carina Costa de Oliveira

PART 2 The Environmental Dimension of Sustainable Development

4 The Heritage Dimension of the Climate System and Its Protection for the Benefit of Mankind 65
José Manuel Sobrino Heredia
5 Climate Change and Natural Disasters 80
Panos Merkouris
6 La biodiversité
Un pilier pour le développement durable « post-Rio+20 » ? 100
Sophie Lavallée
7 Sustainable Development as Guideline for Oceans and Seas Governance 130
Antonio Leandro
8 Sound Management of Waste and Environmental Protection from Stockholm to Rio+20 143
Teresa Russo

PART 3 The Human, Social and Cultural Dimensions of Sustainable

9 Elimination de la pauvreté, droits de l’homme et développement durable 161
Hélène Tigroudja
10 Food Security within the Framework of International Assistance for Development -
Working towards Rural Sustainability for the Realization of the Right to Food 177
Pia Acconci
11 Le droit à l’eau en tant que droit de l’homme au niveau international et européen. Sa mise en oeuvre « en harmonie avec la nature » dans « L’avenir que nous voulons » 196
Anna Oriolo and Anna Vigorito
12 L’éducation au développement durable - Un droit de l’individu, un devoir de l’Etat 223
Claudia Napoli
13 Environmental Changes and Migration - Responses from Rio to Rio+20 and Beyond 239
Rossana Palladino
14 Sustainable Development and Global Health - Positioning Health in the Post-2015 Development Agenda 264
Stefania Negri

PART 4 The Economic Dimension of Sustainable Development

15 Energy and Policy Objectives in the Context of Rio+20 289
Francesco Buonomenna
16 La ville durable comme nouveau modèle de développement - Enjeux et perspectives 303
Jérôme Dubois17 Challenges of Sustainable Development and Productive Use of Biodiversity - The Knowledge Based Bio-Economy Approach 323
Elizabeth Hodson de Jaramillo and Ingrid Schuler
18 Mining and Sustainable Development 334
Leonardus Gerber and Francesco Sindico
19 Nature, Culture and Sustainable Development in International Trade Law 353
Valentina Vadi
20 Brèves observations à propos du droit international et européen des organisms génétiquement modifies du point de vue du développement durable 378
Estelle Brosset
Rio+20+2 395
Lucien Chabason
Index 403


Institutes, academic libraries, specialists in environmental law and sustainable development policies, post-graduate students, practitioners, and anybody interested in the future of our Planet and the fate of future generations

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