European Yearbook of Minority Issues, Volume 11 (2012)

The European Yearbook of Minority Issues provides a critical and timely review of contemporary developments in minority-majority relations in Europe. It combines analysis, commentary and documentation in relation to conflict management, international legal developments and domestic legislation affecting minorities in Europe.
Part I contains scholarly articles and, in the 2012 volume, features a special focus section on Minority Issues in the Middle East and Northern Africa
Part II contains reports on national and international developments.

Apart from providing a unique annual overview of minority issues for both scholars and practitioners in this field, the Yearbook is an indispensable reference tool for libraries, research institutes as well as governments and international organisations.

The European Yearbook of Minority Issues is also available online.

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General Editors: Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark Arie Bloed Ilze Brands Kehris Rainer Hofmann Tove Hansen Malloy Joseph Marko John Packer Francesco Palermo Petra Roter Markku Suksi Marc Weller Managing Editors: Ugo Caruso Maren Meyer Alexander Osipov Special Focus Editors: Minority Issues in the Middle East and Northern Africa Arie Bloed John Packer
Foreword PART I: Articles A. General Articles Section The Protection of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of Persons Belonging to Marginalized and Vulnerable Groups in Times of Financial Crisis: How to Reconcile the Irreconcilable? Marco Fasciglione Freedom of Expression or Prohibition of Racial Discrimination? Stigmatisation of Roma in the Media and in Political Speech in Italy Claudia Tavani Institutions, Ethno-nationalism, and Sense of Belonging: Comparing Separatist Tendencies in Catalonia and South Tyrol Andrea Carlà From Bilateralization to Europeanization: Continuities and Changes in the Legal, Political and Social Status of the Muslim Minority in Greece and the Greek Orthodox Minority in Turkey Nesim Şeker Unresolved Questions concerning the Public Use of Minority and Regional Languages in Interactions between Municipal and Provincial Administrations and the Public in the Region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy Zaira Vidau B. Special Focus: Minority Issues in the Middle East and Northern Africa The Arab Spring and Coptic–Muslim Relations: from Mubarak to the Muslim Brotherhood Elizabeth Iskander Monier Inter- and Intra-Ethnic Relations and Power Sharing in Post-Conflict Iraq Renad Mansour and Faleh Jabar Challenges for Multiculturalism and Minority Rights in Contemporary Maghreb: The Berber/Amazigh Movement in Morocco and Algeria Eva Pföstl PART II: Reports A. International Developments Developments in the Field of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in 2012 Vesna Crnić-Grotić The Activities of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities: January 2012 to December 2012 Stéphanie Marsal and Jennifer Croft The European Union and Minorities 2012 Zora Popova and Marianne Zeh Review of the 2012 Monitoring Process of the Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities Andreea Cârstocea Turning Twenty: A Year to Reflect on Two Decades of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Minorities Maggie Murphy B. National Developments Achieving Equality for the Sinti and Roma of Schleswig-Holstein Tove H. Malloy Ending a Never-Ending-Story: The Solution of the Conflict on Bilingual Topography in Austria – Analysis, Open Questions and Perspectives Jürgen Pirker Minority Schools Financing in the Danish-German Border Region Martin Klatt PART III: Book Reviews Tarlach McGonagle, Minority Rights, Freedom of Expression and of the Media: Dynamics and Dilemmas, School of Human Rights Research Series Volume 44 (Intersentia, Cambridge – Antwerp – Portland, 2011), ISBN 978-94-000-0215-9 (paperback) Günther Rautz Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark (ed.), The Åland Example and Its Components – Relevance for International Conflict Resolution (The Åland Islands Peace Institute, 2011), ISBN 978-952-5265-60-6 (paperback) Sergiu Constantin Appendix: List of International Norms.