Hinterlands and Commodities

Place, Space, Time and the Political Economic Development of Asia over the Long Eighteenth Century


In Hinterlands and Commodities: Place, Space, Time and the Political Economic Development of Asia over the Long Eighteenth Century, well-known economic and social historians examine important questions concerning temporal and spatial relationships among central places, hinterlands, commodities, and political economic developments in Asia and the Global economy over the long eighteenth century. These timely essays engage hinterlands and commodities providing novel foci on historical impacts maritime trade on political economic developments involving place, space, and time in Asia, thereby furnishing historical background for current conditions. They contribute to discourse concerning historical interactions among indigenous Asian merchant activities and European commercial counterparts.

Contributors are: George Bryan Souza, Dennis O. Flynn, Marie A. Lee, Ghulam A. Nadri, Bhaswati Bhattacharya, Tsukasa Mizushima, Tomotaka Kawamura, Atushi Ota, Ryuto Shimada, and Ei Murakami.
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Biographical Note

Tsukasa Mizushima is a Professor in the Department of Oriental History at the University of Tokyo. His interests include Indian rural development, Pan-Asian GIS-based historical studies, and global history from an Asian perspective. He is the author of Nattar and the Socio-Economic Change in South India in the 18th-19th Centuries (ILCAA, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 1986) and others.

George Bryan Souza is affiliated with the University of Texas, San Antonio and, recently, a Mercator Guest Professor at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. He is the author of The Survival of Empire: Portuguese Trade and Society in China and the South China Sea, 1630-1754 (Cambridge University Press, 1986 and 2004) and Portuguese, Dutch and Chinese in Maritime Asia, c. 1585-1800: Merchants, Commodities and Commerce (Aldershot: Ashgate/Variorum, 2014).

Dennis O. Flynn has been Alexander R. Heron Distinguished Professor of Economics, University of the Pacific, since 1998, and Director, Pacific World History Institute, since 2000. He is author/editor of eleven previous volumes, and co-General Editor (with Arturo Giráldez) of the seventeen-volume series The Pacific World: Lands, Peoples, and History of the Pacific, 1500-1900 (Aldershot: Ashgate/Variorum, 2001-2014).

Review Quotes

"Wat het boek toch zeer de moeite waard maakt, is dat jonge Aziatische historici zich mengen in wat nieuwe wetenschappelijke en theoretische discussies zijn. Deze historici zijn sterk gericht op archiefonderzoek en beheersen vaak meerdere Europese en Aziatische talen. Veel informatie wordt geput uit de archieven van het VOC , maar vaak in combinatie met Aziatische bronnen. De traditionele aandacht voor de geschiedenis van de Europese expansie verschuift met hun onderwerpskeuzes ook naar de geschiedenis van Azië zelf."

- Chris Nierstrasz, in Tijdschrift voor Zeegeschiedenis, No. 1 Jr. 35, 2016

"[The chapters in this edited volume] show us how the spaces themselves were linked by merchant activity over space and time. In this, Hinternlands and Commodities is quite useful, shedding light on different parts of Asia and through varying lenses, all over a "long century" of recorded interactions."

- Eric Tagliacozzo (Cornell University), Journal of World History, December 2016, pp. 724-735

Table of contents

General Editor’s Foreword ... vii
Preface and Acknowledgements ... x
List of Contributors ... xii
About the Cover Illustration ... xiv
List of Figures, Maps and Tables ... xv

Introduction ... 1
Tsukasa Mizushima, George Bryan Souza, and Dennis O. Flynn

1 Hinterlands, Commodity Chains, and Circuits in Early Modern Asian History: Sugar in Qing China and Tokugawa Japan ... 15
George Bryan Souza

2 Hydraulic Metaphor: A Model of Global and Local Connectivity ... 48
Dennis O. Flynn and Marie A. Lee

3 The Dynamics of Port-Hinterland Relationships in Eighteenth-Century Gujarat ... 83
Ghulam A. Nadri

4 Ports, Hinterlands and Merchant Networks: Armenians in Bengal in the Eighteenth Century ... 102
Bhaswati Bhattacharya

5 Linking Hinterlands with Colonial Port Towns: Madras and Pondicherry in Early Modern India ... 126
Tsukasa Mizushima

6 Maritime Asian Trade and Colonization of Penang, c. 1786–1830 ... 145
Tomotaka Kawamura

7 Toward a Transborder, Market-Oriented Society: Changes in the Hinterlands of Banten, c. 1760–1790 ... 166
Atsushi Ota

8 Hinterlands and Port Cities in Southeast Asia’s Economic Development in the Eighteenth Century: The Case of Tin Production and its Export Trade ... 197
Ryuto Shimada

9 Trade and Crisis: China’s Hinterlands in the Eighteenth Century ... 215
Ei Murakami

Bibliography ... 235
Index ... 255


All interested in the history of temporal and spatial relationships between central places, hinterlands, commodities, and political economic development in Asia and the Global economy over the long eighteenth century.


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