Catholics in Independent Indonesia: 1945-2010


Catholics in Independent Indonesia: 1945-2010 concludes Steenbrink’s three volume historical account of Catholicism in Indonesia with a detailed report of the survival and growth of this minority religion in Muslim Indonesia since its independence in 1945.
Colonial Catholicism survived in the independent Republic of Indonesia during the nationalist Sukarno regime (1945-1965) and regained a new dynamic during the general religious revival that was part of the New Order of Soeharto after 1965. From a Dutch-inspired institution it became a fully Indonesian steered community with a modern and international character. The second half of the book will deal with the different regional developments in this vast country.

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Karel Steenbrink, Ph.D. (1974) in Religious Studies, is Professor Emeritus of Intercultural Theology at Utrecht University. He has published extensively on religions in Indonesia, both Islam and Christianity. Starting in 1970 with fieldwork in Muslim schools, he now researches colonial perceptions of Islam, and the position of minority Catholicism in Muslim Indonesia. The first two volumes of this history were published by KITLV Press, Leiden (2003 and 2007).
"With the publication of this volume, Karel Steenbrink […] has completed a magnificent trilogy in which the history of Catholics in Indonesia is described from 1808 up to today." – Alle G. Hoekema, in: Exchange 45 (2016), 94-97 [DOI: 10.1163/1572543X-12341390]
"[…] the book is a very valuable contribution; it pushes the reader towards further inquiry while providing a solid and formidable place to start." – Faizah Zakaria, on: New Asia Books (Posted online on 3 June 2016)
All interested in the present situation of Catholicism in the world’s largest Muslim country, its transition from colonial project to a fully Indonesian Church, and its social and legal status.