Spiritus Loci

A Theological Method for Contemporary Church Architecture


In Spiritus Loci Bert Daelemans, who graduated as an architect and a theologian, provides an interdisciplinary method for the theological assessment of church architecture. Rather than a theory, this method is based on case studies of contemporary buildings (1995-2015), which are often criticized for lacking theological depth. In a threefold method, the author brings to light the ways in which architecture can be theology – or theotopy – by focusing on topoi (places) rather than logoi (words). Churches reveal our relationship with God by engaging our body, mind, and community. This method proves relevant not only for the way we perceive these buildings, but also for the way we use them, especially in our prophetic engagement for a better world.
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Biographical Note

Bert Daelemans, S.J., Ph.D. (KU Leuven, 2013), author of Via Crucis (Averbode: 2013), graduated as an engineer-architect and a theologian. He is currently Professor of Pneumatology and Sacramental Theology at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid, Spain.

Foreword by David Brown, Professor of Theology, Aesthetics and Culture at the University of St Andrews.

All users and admirers of church buildings, whether they are visitors, members of a faith community, or professionals such as architects, artists, historians, liturgists, pastors, philosophers, sociologists, and theologians.