Illuminating Leonardo

A Festschrift for Carlo Pedretti Celebrating His 70 Years of Scholarship (1944–2014)


Illuminating Leonardo opens the new series Leonardo Studies with a tribute to Professor Carlo Pedretti, the most important Leonardo scholar of our time, with a wide-ranging overview of current Leonardo scholarship from the most renowned Leonardo scholars and young researchers. Though no single book could provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of Leonardo studies, after reading this collection of short essays cover-to-cover, the reader will come away knowing a great deal about the current state of the field in many areas of research.
To begin the series, editors Constance Moffatt and Sara Taglialagamba present an impressive group of essays that offer fresh ideas as a departure point for future studies.

Contributors include Andrea Bernardoni, Pascal Broist, Alfredo Buccaro, Francesco Paolo di Teodoro, Claire Farago, Francesca Fiorani, Fabio Frosini, Sabine Frommel, Leslie Geddes, Damiano Iacobone, Martin Kemp, Matthew Landrus, Domenico Laurenza, Pietro C. Marani, Max Marmor, Constance Moffatt, Romano Nanni, Annalisa Perissa-Torrini, Paola Salvi, Richard Schofield, Sara Taglialagamba, Carlo Vecce, Alessandro Vezzosi, Marino Viganò, and Joanna Woods-Marsden.

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Constance Moffatt teaches art and architectural history at Los Angeles Pierce College. She has published on the Sforza, Leonardo, and Milanese history. Carlo Pedretti served as her dissertation advisor at UCLA, where she received her Ph.D. in art history.

Sara Taglialagamba, PhD (2010), Siena University, is a researcher in Art History at INSR (Florence) and she is a Post PhD at EPHE at Sorbonne (Paris). She has published many articles and books, including I cento disegni più belli di Leonardo with Carlo Pedretti (Giunti-Treccani).
List of Figures

Constance Moffatt and Sara Taglialagamba

Part 1 Books and Influence
1 One for the Books: A Bibliographical ‘Gleaning’ for CP
Max Marmor
2 The Codex Corazza and Zaccolini’s Treatises in the Project of Cassiano dal Pozzo for the Spreading of Leonardo’s Works
Alfredo Buccaro
3 A Copy of Sacrobosco’s Sphaera in Mirror Script Attributed to Matteo Zaccolini
Domenico Laurenza

Part 2 Dissemination of Knowledge
4 A Short Note on Artisanal Epistemology in Leonardo’s Treatise on Painting
Claire Farago
5 Leonardo’s Cartonetti for Luca Pacioli’s Platonic Bodies
Pietro Marani

Part 3 Architecture
6 Giuliano da Sangallo and Leonardo da Vinci: Cross-Pollination or Parallels?
Sabine Frommel
7 Evidence of Leonardo’s Systematic Design Process for Palaces and Canals in Romorantin
Matthew Landrus
8 Vitruvius in the Trattato dell’Architettura by Luca Pacioli
Francesco Di Teodoro
9 Notes on Leonardo and Vitruvius
Richard Schofield

Part 4 Painting and Drawing
10 Why Did Leonardo Not Finish the Adoration of the Magi?
Francesca Fiorani
11 “Here’s Looking at You” The Cartoon for the So-called ‘Nude Mona Lisa’
Martin Kemp
12 Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa: A Portrait without a Commissioner?
Joanna Woods-Marsden
13 Leonardo’s Followers in Lombardy: Girolamo and Giovan Ambrogio Figino
Annalisa Perissa Torrini

Part 5 Machines
14 A Machine to Build Artilleries
Andrea Bernardoni
15 Bombards and Noisy Bullets: Pietro Monte and Leonardo da Vinci’s Collaboration
Pascal Brioist
16 Leonardo and the Artes Mechanicae
Romano Nanni

Part 6 Sculpture
17 “The Sculptor Says” Leonardo and Gian Cristoforo Romano
Carlo Vecce
18 Leonardo and the Trivulzio Monument: Some Questions and Evidence (1507–1518)
Marino Viganò

Part 7 Science and Nature: The Body, the Body of the Earth
19 The Midpoint of the Human Body in Leonardo’s Drawings and in the Codex Huygens
Paola Salvi
20 Drawing Bridges: Leonardo da Vinci on Mastering Nature
Leslie Geddes
21 Leonardo da Vinci’s Hydraulic Systems and Fountains for His French Patrons Louis XII, Charles D’Amboise and Francis I: Models, Influences, and Reprises Featured in the Art of Garden Design
Sara Taglialagamba
22 Pyramids, Rays and “Spiritual Powers”: Leonardo’s Research during the Last Decade of the Fifteenth Century
Fabio Frosini
23 A Hydraulic System Drawing by Leonardo: Some Evaluations
Damiano Iacobone
24 Leonardo’s Maps
Constance Moffatt
25 Sightings, Mistakes and Discoveries al verso
Alessandro Vezzosi

Essential Bibliography
All scholars, researchers, librarians and students interested in the Leonardo da Vinci's scholarly and artistic activities will enjoy reading these incisive new studies.
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