At the President's Pleasure

FDR’s Leadership of Wartime Sino-US Relations


Author: Sally K. Burt
At the President’s Pleasure offers a new perspective on the way the United States and China interacted during World War II. Sally K. Burt examines President Franklin Roosevelt’s methods of conducting diplomacy, particularly his tendency to centralise foreign policy-making into his own hands, as it applied to wartime Sino-US relations. By critiquing the president’s foreign policy leadership with China, Burt provides a new perspective on US diplomacy and opens the door for further exploration of contemporary methods of conducting relations between the US and China. This book, then, will interest scholars, historians, international relations specialists and practitioners and those interested in global politics, both historical and in the present day.

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Sally K. Burt, Ph.D. (2011), Australian National University, is a Visiting Fellow at University of New South Wales, Canberra. She has published articles and chapters on Sino-US relations, and co-edited Global Perspectives on US Foreign Policy (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2013).
Academics, history buffs, educated laymen, post-graduate students, academic and public libraries. Those interested in World War II, Franklin Roosevelt, China, international relations, foreign policy, military history and world history.