Jewish eschatology, early Christian Christology and the Testaments of the twelve Patriarchs

Collected essays


This volume, which appears on the occasion of Marinus de Jonge's retirement as Professor of New Testament at Leiden University, brings together twenty essays which he wrote recently for various periodicals and collective works.
A number of articles deal with the expectation of the future in Jewish sources, like Ps. Sol., the Qumran Scrolls and Josephus. Closely connected with these are some essays on the question of how such titles as 'Christ', and 'Son of David' came to be applied to Jesus.
Eleven essays delve into various important aspects of the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs: eschatology, ethics, paraenesis, but also their use of Jewish source material and their view of the history of God's dealing with man, a view related to that held by Justin and Hippolytus.
This book throws light on the Jewish origins of early Christian theology and on its relationship with the Hellenistic culture in which it developed. The book also includes Marinus de Jonge's bibliography.


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Biographical Note

Marinus de Jonge, born in 1925, studied theology in Leiden and Manchester and obtained his doctoral degree in 1953 at Leiden. From 1962-66 he was lecturer, then reader in Judaic studies at Groningen University. In 1966 he became Professor for New Testament and Early Christian Literature at Leiden University. (He retires from this Chair on 31 December 1990). In 1981 he was visiting Professor of New Testament at Yale University. He was President of the International Society for New Testament Studies for the year 1985-86. Dr. de Jonge has authored many books on the New Testament and on the Old Testament pseudepigrapha, including: Jesus: Stranger from Heaven and Son of God (1977); Studies on the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs (Brill, 1975); Testamenta XII Patriarchum (Brill, 1970); The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs (Brill, 1978).


Specialists in Biblical literature, New Testament studies, Judaism.


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