Bridging between Sister Religions

Studies of Jewish and Christian Scriptures Offered in Honor of Prof. John T. Townsend


Editor: Isaac Kalimi
This volume is a collection of fresh essays in honor of Professor John T. Townsend. It focuses on the interpretation of the common Jewish and Christian Scripture (the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament) and on its two off-shoots (Rabbinic Judaism and the New Testament), as well as on Jewish-Christian relations. The contributors, who are prominent scholars in their fields, include James L. Crenshaw, Göran Eidevall, Anne E. Gardner, Lawrence M. Wills, Cecilia Wassen, Robert L. Brawley, Joseph B. Tyson, Eldon J. Epp, Yaakov Elman, Rivka Ulmer, Andreas Lehnardt, Reuven Kimelman, Bruce Chilton, and Michael W. Duggan.
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Biographical Note

Isaac Kalimi (Ph.D., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) is Gutenberg-Research-Professor in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies and Ancient Israelite History, and Fellow of the Gutenberg Forschungskolleg at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Senior Research Associate at the University of Chicago, and Foreign Member of the Belgian Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences. He has published numerous books and articles in biblical studies, ancient Israelite history and historiography, and rabbinic literature and thought.

Table of contents

List of Contributors
Part One: The Man and the Book
1. An Introduction, Isaac Kalimi
2. Biography and Bibliography of John T. Townsend, Isaac Kalimi
Part Two: Hebrew Bible and Its Interpretation
3. Divine Vulnerability: Reflections on the Binding of Isaac (Genesis 22), James L. Crenshaw
4. Shifting Emphasis: Examples of Early and Modern Reception of the Book of Amos, Göran Eidevall
5. Interpreting the Writing on the Wall in Daniel 5, Anne E. Gardner
Part Three: New Testament and Its Interpretation
6. The Jewishness of the Gospel of Mark, Lawrence M. Wills
7. Jesus’ Work as a Healer in Light of Jewish Purity Laws, Cecilia Wassen
8. The Ἰουδαῖοι in the Gospel of John, Robert L. Brawley
9. Acts, the “Parting of the Ways,” and the Use of the Term “Christians”, Joseph B. Tyson
10. Early Christian Attitudes toward ‘Things Jewish’ as Narrated by Textual Variants in Acts: A Case Study of the D-Textual Cluster, Eldon J. Epp
Part Four: Talmudic and Midrashic Studies
11. Some Aspects of Interreligious Polemic in the Babylonian Talmud, Yaakov Elman
12. Egyptian Motifs in Late Antique Mosaics and Rabbinic Texts, Rivka Ulmer
13. The Binding Fragments of Midrash Tanhuma (Buber) from the Municipal Library of Trier, Andreas Lehnardt
Part Five: Jewish – Christian Relationship
14. “We Love the God Who Loved Us First”: The Second Blessing of the Shema Liturgy, Reuven Kimelman
15. Jewish Mysticism, Nostra Aetate, and Renewal in Judaism and Christianity, Bruce Chilton
16. Hanukkah and Community Identity in 1-2 Maccabees and John, Michael W. Duggan
Index of Authors
Index of Scripture


Biblical scholars and students, scholars in Jewish and/or Christian studies, Jewish-Christion Relationship, Clergy, and lay-intellectual people.