"Verwisch die Spuren!": Bertolt Brecht’s Work and Legacy

A Reassessment


This volume presents a cross-section of current Brecht studies, reflecting a variety of approaches and perspectives ranging from detailed exegesis of particular texts to cultural criticism in the broadest sense. It provides analyses of Brecht's work and investigates his pervasive influence in 20th century literature. The studies collected here cover the whole of Brecht’s career, from the early one-acter Kleinbürgerhochzeit of 1919 to the Sinn und Form years immediately preceding his death, as well as his use of tradition and his legacy. By way of redressing a tendency in Brecht reception to regard him mainly as a dramatist, the volume covers novels, poetry, film, photography, journalism and theory as well as plays.


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Table of contents

Introductory Note
Klaus-Detlef MÜLLER: Der antiaristotelische Roman: Brechts Beitrag zum Roman der klassischen Moderne
Peter HUTCHINSON: Uncomfortable, Unsettling, Alienating: Brecht’s Poetry of the Unexpected
Martin SWALES: “Theatre that shows ...”? Reflections on Brecht’s Importance as a Dramatist
Ernest SCHONFIELD: Brecht and the Modern Picaresque
Marielle SUTHERLAND: Brecht’s Die Kleinbürgerhochzeit: A Stück Coming Unstuck?
Michael PATTERSON: Brecht’s Debt to Theatrical Expressionism
Frank KRAUSE: Von Kaiser zu Brecht: Drama und Prosa
Steve GILES: Photography and Representation in Kracauer, Brecht and Benjamin
Erdmut WIZISLA: Walter Benjamin und Bertolt Brecht: Bericht über eine Konstellation
Ulrike ZITZLSPERGER: Bertolt Brecht: Stadtraum und Architektur
Andrew WEBBER: “Unbewohnbar und doch unverlaßbar”: Brecht in and through Berlin
Tom KUHN: Poetry and Photography: Mastering Reality in the Kriegsfibel
Ron SPEIRS: Poetry in Dark Times: Brecht’s Svendborger Gedichte
John WHITE and Ann WHITE: The Songs and Poems of Brecht’s Furcht und Elend Complex
Hans-Harald MÜLLER: Brechts Leben des Galilei: Eine Interpretation zweier Dramen
Stephen PARKER: Brecht and Sinn und Form: Generating Cultural Capital in the Cold War
David MIDGLEY: “Zwei Hände Erde”: Brecht on Mortality
Karen LEEDER: “Des toten Dichters gedenkend”: Remembering Brecht in Contemporary German Poetry
Martin BRADY: Brecht in Brechtian Cinema
Godela WEISS-SUSSEX: “A Ridiculous Thing to Do”: Yvonne Kapp and Brecht in Translation
Robert GILLETT: Iconoclast or Acolyte? GG Plays BB
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