Education and Leadership


This truly international book brings together authors from different regions of the world including North America, South Africa, Europe, Iran and Russia all of whom are concerned with aspects of the challenges involved in the expansion of higher education, both in student numbers and areas of study. Some are concerned about the loss of guiding principles which steered university education for centuries. The traditional purposes of higher education have come under such pressure that we have achieved “conflicting models of the university” (Claes) and “ambiguity” in regard to teaching and research (Simons et al).
For others, the problems are at a different stage. Contributions from South Africa look at three challenges: Can we provide enough places in higher education? How do we deal with institutional mergers? How do we make staff development effective in a situation in which English is the first language of less than five percent of the staff?
Young scholars in Russian regions face formidable hurdles in achieving academic careers while the best law graduates in Canada are faced with the ethical dilemma of personal career advancement or social justice (Topsakal). The problem of integrating nursing into a traditional Irish university is reviewed by Grant while the role of a university in regional development is addressed from a Greek perspective by Papaelias et al. The comparative international approach features in research into teacher job satisfaction in India and Iran while McMahon reviews the impact of the Bologna Process.

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Table of contents
Educational Issues
Tom CLAES: Conflicting Models of the University: Traditionalist And Innovative Views and the Semantic Horizon of ‘The University’
Jayne R. BEILKE and Laurie MULLEN: Problematizing Pedagogy in the New Scene of Teaching
Linda A. DU PLESSIS: Can Staff Development Efforts Sustain the Changing Landscape of Higher Education?
Anne GRANT: The Changing Landscapes of Education: The Integration of Pre-Registration Nursing Education within Higher Education
Kirti MENON: Knowledge, Perceptions and Attitudes to Mergers at the University of the North
Maarten SIMONS, Toon BRAECKMAN, Jan ELEN and Mariette HELLEMANS: The Relation Between Research and Education in the Self-Understanding of Universities: an Exploration of Ambiguity in the Case of ‘Guided Independent Learning’
Leadership and Governance
Zühal OKAN: Working with the Teachers to Promote an Effective Learning/Teaching Environment
Abbas MADANDAR ARANI & Parvin ABBASI: A Comparative Study of Secondary School Teachers’ Job Satisfaction in Relation to School Organizational Climate in Iran and India
Jülide İNÖZÜ, Seden TUYAN and Emine ÇAKIR SÜRMELI: Foreign Language Student Empowerment Through Affective Coaching
Thomas HERDIN: The Cultural Dimension of Leadership
Further Educational Issues
Frank MCMAHON: The Impact of the Bologna Process on the Design of Higher Education Programmes in Europe
Theodoros PAPAELIAS, Gregory GIKAS and Pericles TANGAS: Regional Development Through Tertiary Education
Amy SWIFFEN: Authority, Recognition, and Dialogue
Kirti MENON and Nhlanhla CELE: Reviewing Access to Higher Education in South Africa
Aisha TOPSAKAL: Doorkeepers-in-Training? Kafka, The Law Faculty and Access to Justice
Theodoros PAPAELIAS and Eleftheria DOGORITI: An Inquiry into the Nature of Higher Education in a Developing Country: the Case of Greece
Natalia FORRAT and Artyom KOSMARSKI: Professional Careers of Young Scholars in Russian Regions: Institutional Conditions and Personal Strategies
Biographical Notes
Index Card
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