Learning and Teaching in a Metropolis


This book provides a valuable contribution to our thinking about education in a modern metropolis. One of the strengths of this book is its diversity of topics which range from research with young children to adult learners, and compulsory schooling to higher education. The contributors are concerned with the particular demands of teaching and learning in a diverse educational context such as East London and offer perceptive insights into the complex issues that arise from this experience.
This is a thought-provoking and highly informative publication of the research ideas and professional experiences of our current educators. The authors illustrate the rich experience of the ever-evolving field of education by bringing together research and observations from their professional practice. Their aim is to support learning and teaching, through stimulating readers’ thinking about education, pedagogy, ways of learning, and the subjects that they teach. Edited by three authors who have substantial experience in a wide range of educational settings both nationally and internationally, this book is for students, academics, teacher educators and all those who are involved in leading and delivering education in one way or another.


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Lynn Ang and John Trushell: Learning and Teaching in a Metropolis: Introduction
Neil Herrington, Caroline Brennan and Kathy Wright: Teacher Training in an Urban Setting: A Story from East London
Erika Cudworth and David Cudworth: Educating the Outcast? Policy and Practice in the Teaching of Gypsy/Traveller Children
David Morris and John Trushell: To Have and Have Not: Implications for Teacher-trainees on First School Placements in a Diverse Range of ICT Resource Settings
Hazel Dorrington and John Trushell: The Men in White Coats: Teacher Trainees’ Perceptions of Scientists
Gerry Czerniawski: Constructing and Deconstructing Newly-qualified Teachers’ Values in an Urban Context
Suzanne Mackenzie: “If You Could Wave a Magic Wand…” - Special Educational Needs in London: Diversity, Complexity and Context
Lionel McCalman: Drumming up Enthusiasm: Using Steel Pans with Adults and Children with Special Educational Needs
Nasima Hassan: Silent Voices: British Muslim Pupils in Mainstream Schools in East London
Namita Chakrabarty and John Preston: Merely Gestural? Schools as a Site for Posturing against a Theatre of the Depressed
Joanne Kenworthy: Discover as a Learning Environment: Stimulating Creativity and Learning in Diversity
Patricia Walker: The Commodification of British Higher Education: Trials and Triumphs of Massification in the Metropolitan University
Helen Masterton: The SENDA Agenda: The Vision for Inclusive Higher Education
Ratha Perumal: Undergraduate Autonomy and Diversity: Perspectives from a Post-1992 University