The Domination of Fear


Editor: Mikko Canini
The tropes of fear, horror and terror have come to play a dominant role the analysis of contemporary social life. The predominance of fear, as the frame through which we narrativize experience, can be perceived readily echoing across various fields from theoretical research, to the mass media, to the quotidian. Despite the commonly held view that fear is a primitive and universal affect, its definition, potential value, and perceived effects vary wildly in each instance.
From literary theory to psychoanalysis to politics to philosophy, this collection of research attempts to both flesh-out these tropes and to complexify them. Individually, the essays reflect a diversity of approaches to the constellation: fear, horror and terror. Taken as a whole, they produce the ground for an analysis of the dominance of fear.
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Table of contents

Mikko Canini: Introduction
Cultural Materialisation of Fear, Horror, Terror
Beth A. Kattelman: Carnographic Culture: America and the Rise of the Torture Porn Film
Thomas Riegler: We’re All Dirty Harry Now: Violent Movies for Violent Times
Yvonne Leffler: The Gothic Topography in Scandinavian Horror Fiction
Shona Hill: Getting Medieval: Bodies of Fear, Serial Killers and Se7en
Fear, Horror and Politics
Ali Riza Taskale: Clash of Nihilisms
Banu Baybars-Hawks: Long Term Terrorism in Turkey: The Government, Media and Public Opinion
Fear, Horror and Literature
Cynthia Jones: Into the Woods: Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf
Lizzy Welby: Solar Midnight: Traversing the Abject Borderline State in Rudyard Kipling’s The City of Dreadful Night
Maureen Moynihan: The Laughter of Horror: Judgement of the Righteous or Tool of the Devil?
Simone do Vale: Trash Mob: Zombie Walks and the Positivity of Monsters in Western Popular Culture
Mikko Canini: Horror and the Politics of Fear


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