Frontiers in Higher Education


This latest edited book in the Idea of Education series, entitled ‘Frontiers in Higher Education’, began its journey as working papers from an Inter-Disciplinary.Net conference held in Budapest, Hungary in 2008. The conference was fortunate in that all its delegates were committed to critical engagement and as a result the quality and quantity of interaction between attendees was high. Some extremely important issues were raised and engaged with collectively. Subsequent to the event in Budapest the editors actively encouraged an electronically-mediated on-going debate about the themes discussed in Budapest. As a result all papers selected for this volume have undergone major transformation since first aired at the conference.
In making the final selection the editors were desirous of a work that had distinct clearly-recognisable themes where complementation and relevance was self-evident. There are three main thematic sections in this volume: ‘Sociocultural Frontiers of Higher Education’ containing four chapters; ‘Limitations and Aspirations of the Academy’ comprising the six chapters, and two innovative final chapters presenting and reflecting on aspects of the ‘Technological Frontiers of Higher Education.’
This book is aimed at researchers of topics such as the future of higher education, globalisation and cultural and social frontiers of higher education and related fields.

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Table of contents

Tom Claes and David Seth Preston: Introduction
Sociocultural Frontiers of Higher Education
Seth A. Agbo: The Cultural Politics of Educational Inequality: Discarding the Prevailing Eurocentric Formulations of Academic Failure
Dale Kirby: Tertiary Education in Canada: Closing the Access Gaps
Philippa Hall: Privatisation and the Transformation of Higher Education in Nigeria since 1986: An Analysis of Global Inequalities
Sarwet Rasul: Developing Active Citizenship: Universities as Agents of Social Change
Limitations & Aspirations of the Academy
Iva Apostolova: Should We Go to School? Is School a Shared Experience?
Gary Peters: Ignorant Artists/Ignorant Teachers
Rita Fornari: The Indicators and the Mission of Higher Education: What is the Gap?
Sanja Petkovska: Questioning the Idea of the University in the Contemporary World
Sonja Engelage and Andreas Hadjar: PhD and Career: Is a Doctoral Degree Worth it?
James S. Taylor and Maria de Lourdes Machado-Taylor: Leading Strategic Change in Higher Education: The Need for a Paradigm Shift toward Visionary Leadership
Technological Frontiers of Higher Education
Bill Tait: Online Teaching with Learning Objects
Johnnes Arreymbi and Chrisina Draganova: User Requirements Analysis for Use of Mobile Phones in Learning and Teaching
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