Negotiating Identities

Constructed Selves and Others


The papers within this volume articulate the challenges perceived by an individual or a country when its sense of self is confronted by the foreign, the threatening. Migration, exile, and invasion all challenge the individual or the nation to redefine itself and thereby write and rewrite the concept of personal and national identity. This interdisciplinary collection of papers, published for the first time, provide a stimulating and varied set of insights into the ongoing conversation that maps identity.

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Biographical Note
Helen Vella Bonavita‘s research is in the fields of marginalised figures and national identity in early modern literature. She currently works at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia.
Table of contents
Helen Vella Bonavita: Preface
Irén Annus: Tourism, Self-Representation and National Identity in Post-Socialist Hungary
Audrey Verma: Black Magic Women: On the Purported Use of Sorcery by Female Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore
Helen Vella Bonavita: Staying True to England: Representing Patriotism in Sixteenth-Century Drama
Lelia Green and Anne Aly: How Australian Muslims Construct Western Fear of the Muslim Other
Ron Geaves: Fatwa and Foreign Policy: New Models of Citizenship in an Emerging Age of Globalisation
Oana Elena Strugaru: Choosing to Be a Stranger: Romanian Intellectuals in Exile
Joshua Getz: Infinite Responsibility for the Other in Emmanuel Levinas and Anne Michaels’ Fugitive Pieces
Winter Werner: The Breaking Asunder of Fanny Kemble: Trauma and the Discourse of Hygiene in Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation in 1838–1839
Kevin M. DeLapp: Ancient Egypt as Europe’s ‘Intimate Stranger’
Elsa Peralta: Fictions of a Creole Nation: (Re)Presenting Portugal’s Imperial Past
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