Understanding Knowledge Creation

Intellectuals in Academia, the Public Sphere and the Arts


Understanding Knowledge Creation: Intellectuals in Academia, the Public Sphere and the Arts brings together scholars from a wide range of disciplines and cultures and involves them into a multi-dimensional dialogue on the mechanisms of knowledge creation in the present-day society with a specific focus on intellectuals as knowledge creators in three main arenas of their activity: the ‘institutionalized’ arena - academia - and two adjacent arenas: the public sphere and the arts.
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Nikita Basov and Oleksandra Nenko: Intellectuals and the Transformation of Knowledge Creation
Intellectuals in Academia: Institutionalized Knowledge Creation
Jeroen van Andel: The Rationalization of Academia: From Bildung to Production
James Moir: The Democratic Intellect Reconsidered
Intellectuals in the Public Sphere: ‘Organic’ Knowledge Creation
Sechaba Mahlomaholo and Vhonani Netshandama: Post-Apartheid Organic Intellectual and Knowledge Creation
Tunde Adeleke: Walter A. Rodney and the Instrumentalist Construction and Utilization of Knowledge
Georg F. Simet: Possibilities and Risks of Influencing Public Knowledge: The Case of Hrant Dink
Olga Procevska: Not a Sin, but a Side Effect: Collaboration and Knowledge Creation by the Organic Intellectuals
Intellectuals in the Arts: Emotional Knowledge Creation
Carlos David García Mancilla: Art and the Passion of Intellect
Claire Heaney: Emotional Intelligence: Literature, Ethics and Affective Cognition in J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace
Oleksandra Nenko: Aesthetic Emotional Experience: From Eye Irritation to Knowledge
Nikita Basov: Knowledge Creation in the Intellectual Networks
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