From Conflict to Recognition

Moving Multiculturalism Forward


Editor: Michael Kearney
This volume will be of interest to scholars examining the relationship between culture and identity, concepts of individual and group agency in multicultural settings, and the effect that our globalising world has on regional cultural systems and local communities. From Conflict to Recognition: Moving Multiculturalism Forward grew out of research presented at the 3rd Global Conference of Multiculturalism, Conflict and Belonging held by at Mansfield College, Oxford University in September 2009. The conference provided a platform for researchers from diverse regions of the world and a variety of fields to present their work and engage each other on the major cultural transformations and epistemological shifts occurring in the current global paradigm. A unique aspect of the volume is its dialogic structure: each author refers to the work of other authors in the book; thus forming threads through-out the work, which link what are often perceived as unrelated issues. The volume is comprised of thirteen chapters divided into four thematic sections: Rights, Culture and Recognition; Complex Stories of Identity Formation; The Interweaving of Self and Other – Being and Belonging; and Crossing Boundaries and the Language of the Aesthetic.
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Biographical Note

Michael Kearney is Associate Professor of Critical Theory in the School of Architecture, Kogakuin University in Tokyo and Research Associate Professor at SUNY Stony Brook. He has published numerous articles and chapters on literature, alternative music, and the concept of identity.

Table of contents

Michael Kearney: Introduction
Rights, Culture and Recognition
Giorgio Bertolotti: Identity, Recognition and Conflict
Omid Hejazi: Two Liberal Theories of Minority Rights: Universal or Particular?
Puja Kapai: The Doctrine of Substantive Equality and the Democratisation of Diversity
Complex Stories of Identity Formation
Michael Kearney and Setsuko Adachi: Mapping Hybrid Identities: A Matrixing Model for Transculturality
Elmé Vivier: Construction of Identity in the Philosophy of Hannah Arendt
Caroline Duvieusart-Déry: Reification in the Census? Multiculturalist Policies and Identity Markers in 36 Democracies
Janyne Sattler: Belonging to the World: Cosmopolitanism as a Remedy against Strangeness
The Interweaving of Self and Other: Being and Belonging
Paul Prinsloo: Being an African: Some Queer Remarks from the Margins
Na’ama Sheffi and Amir Har-Gil: Entangled in Memory: Six Variations on the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict
Meghna Haldar: ‘Dirt’: A Social Mirror
Crossing Boundaries and the Language of the Aesthetic
Katherine Wilson: The Space of Salsa: Theory and Implications of a Global Dance Phenomenon
Tina Rahimy: The Potentiality of the Faceless: A Minor Reflection of Philosophy and Cinema
Stephanie-Alice Baker: Social Tragedy: Zidane’s Role in France’s Tragic Epic
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