The Presence of the Dead in Our Lives

This volume offers a selection of articles from authors representing a wide array of disciplines, all of whom explore the following central theme: how can the presence of the dead take life in the hearts of the living? Although individuals die, they can indeed remain “present.” But how? Authors in this volume explicate practical mourning strategies to help survivors cope with the tremendous sadness and emptiness experienced when we lose someone we love.

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Nate Hinerman and Julia Apollonia Glahn: Introduction: The Presence of the Dead in Our Lives
Death, Presence, and the Self
Peter Caws: Pragmatic Immortality and the Insignificance of My Own Death
Julia Apollonia Glahn: On the Notion of Presence and its Importance for a Concept of Dignity of the Dead
Dhruv Raj Nagar: The Deathless Self: Death and Immortality in the Discourse of Vedanta
Marga Altena and Nothando Ngwenya: Sites that Cope, Cure and Commemorate: Weblogs of Terminally Ill
Shulamith Kreitler, Frida Barak, Yasmin Alkalay, and Nava Siegelman-Danieli: Survivor’s Guilt in Caretakers of Cancer
Death, Presence, and Ritual
Tolulope Onabolu: The Haunt/Demons and The Complex of Noon
Glenys Caswell: Planning a Funeral: The Encounter between Bereaved and Officiant
Marcel Reyes-Cortez: Living with the Dead: Cremating and Reburying the Dead in a Megalopolis
Susan M. Behuniak: Heroic Death and Selective Memory: The US’s WWII Memorial and the USSR’s Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad
Nate Hinerman: Preserving the Dead in the Lives of the Living