Frontiers of Cyberspace


Editor: Daniel Riha
The content of this volume reflects theoretical and practical discussions on cultural issues influenced by increased adoption of information and communication technologies. The penetration of new forms of communication, such as online social networking, internet video-casting, and massive online multiplayer gaming; the experience and exploration of virtual worlds; and the massive adoption of ever-emergent ICT technologies; are all developments in desperate need of serious examination. It is not surprising that these new realities, and the questions and issues to which they give rise, have drawn increasing attention from academics. Those engaging these issues do so from a wide range of academic fields. Accordingly, the authors contributing to this volume represent an impressive array of academic disciplines and varied perspectives, including philosophy, sociology, religion, anthropology, digital humanities, literature studies, film science, new media studies and still others. Thus, the subsequent chapters offer the reader a multidimensional examination of this volume’s unifying theme: the ways and extent to which current and anticipated cybernetic environments have altered, and will continue to shape, our understandings of what it means to be human.

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Biographical Note
Daniel Riha, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. His research includes issues on Serious Games, Interactive Documentary Production and Multi-User Virtual Environments Design. He is as well an award winning artist - Kunst am Bau (Art on Construction) International Art Competition, Constance, Germany.
Table of contents
Daniel Riha: Introduction
Critical Philosophies
Imre Bárd: The Doubtful Chances of Choice
Tamar Sharon: Technoscience and Schizophrenia: The Technological Production of Nature and Biology under Control
Leighton Evans: A Phenomenological Analysis of Social Networking
Melissa de Zwart and David Lindsay: My Self, My Avatar, My Rights? Avatar Identity in Social Virtual Worlds
Jordan J. Copeland: Too Faced? Reconsidering Friendship in the Digital Age
Ewan Kirkland: Experiences of Embodiment and Subjectivity in Haunting Ground
Virtual Environments and Academia
Peter Ludes: Trans-Generational Dialogues: Social Sciences as Multimedia Games
Daniel Riha: Interactive 3-D Documentary as Serious Videogame
Anna Maj and Michal Derda-Nowakowski: Ecosystem of Knowledge: Strategies, Rituals and Metaphors in Networked Communication
Cyberpunk Literature and Film
Katherine Harrison: Gender Resistance: Interrogating the ‘Punk’ in Cyberpunk
Laura Schuster: What Does a Scanner See? Techno-Fascination and Unreliability in the Mind-Game Film
Michael J. Klein: Modern Myths: Science Fiction in the Age of Technology
Merger of Cyberspace and Art
Elizabeth Borst: ‘Cyborg Art’ as a Critical Sphere of Inquiry into Increasing Corporeal Human-Technology Merger
Zeynep Gündüz: Digital Dance: Encounters between Media Technologies and the Dancing Body
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