Coterminous Worlds

Magical realism and contemporary post-colonial literature in English


The present collection of essays endeavours to furnish informed responses to central questions posed by the editors: Is the fact that the marvellous coexists with the factual and never resolves itself into the supernatural an indication that the whole literary project of 'magical realism' is an instrumental and representational form which can be regarded as particularly suitable for reconciling dichotomies and oppositions otherwise experienced as intolerable? Was 'magical realism' an explosive process in cultural dynamics, taking place at intersections of heterogeneous cultures most favourable to the efflorescence of this type of literature? The authors of the various essays - on Patrick White and David Malouf, Ben Okri, Syl Cheney-Coker, Robert Kroetsch, Gwendolyn MacEwan, Jack Hodgins, Salman Rushdie, Janet Frame, Wilson Harris and others - provide a dynamic focus on the reality at stake beneath the surface representations of 'magical realism' in post-colonial literatures.

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Elsa LINGUANTI: Acknowledgements. Introduction. Tommaso SCARANO: Notes on Spanish-American Magical Realism. Carmen CONCILIO: The Magic of Language in the novels of Patrick White and David Malouf. Shaul BASSI: Salman Rushdie's Special Effects. Carmen DELL'AVERSANO: Worlds, Things, Words. Rushdie's style from Grimus to Midnight's Children. Alessandro MONTI: Representing the Words. Sanskrit poetics and the making of reality. Lucia BOLDRINI: The Ragged Edge of Miracles or: A word or two on those Jack Hodgins novels. Lucia BIAGIOTTI: Bees, Bodies, and Magical Miscegenation. Robert Kroetsch's What the Crow Said. Biancamaria RIZZARDI PERUTELLI: Myth, Magical, and the Real in Gwendolyn MacEwen's Noman. Alfredo RIZZARDI: Bewildered With Nature. The magical-realist in Joe Rosenblatt. Robert BRINGHURST: Coterminous Worlds. Isabella ZOPPI: The Magic Reality of Memory. Janet Frame's The Carpathians. Renato OLIVA: Re-Dreaming the World. Ben Okri's shamanic realism. Paolo BERTINETTI: Reality and Magic in Syl Cheney-Coker's. The Last Harmattan of Alusine Dunbar. Pietro DEANDREA: History never walks here, it runs in any direction. Carnival and magic in the novels of Kojo Laing and Mia Couto. Valeria GUIDOTTI: Magical Realism Beyond the Wall of Apartheid? Missing Persons by Ivan Vladislavic. Elsa LINGUANTI: Wilson Harris. A case apart. Works Cited. Contributors.