The History of Medical Education in Britain


Editors: Vivian Nutton and Roy Porter
Professional education forms a key element in the transmission of medical learning and skills, in occupational solidarity and in creating and recreating the very image of the practitioner. Yet the history of British medical education has hitherto been surprisingly neglected. Building upon papers contributed to two conferences on the history of medical education in the early 1990s, this volume presents new research and original synthesis on key aspects of medical instruction, theoretical and practical, from early medieval times into the present century. Academic and practical aspects are equally examined, and balanced attention is given to different sites of instruction, be it the university or the hospital. The crucial role of education in medical qualifications and professional licensing is also examined as is the part it has played in the regulation of the entry of women to the profession.

Contributors are Juanita Burnby, W.F. Bynum, Laurence M. Geary, Faye Getz, Johanna Geyer-Kordesch, S.W.F. Holloway, Stephen Jacyna, Peter Murray Jones, Helen King, Susan C. Lawrence, Irvine Loudon, Margaret Pelling, Godelieve Van Heteren, and John Harley Warner.

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Vivian Nutton is Professor of the History of Medicine at University College London and a member of the Academic Unit of the Wellcome Institute. His books and articles are largely concerned with the history of medicine from the Greeks to the Renaissance. They include From Democedes to Harvey. Studies in the History of Medicine (1988); Medicine at the Courts of Europe (1990); and Essays in the History of Therapeutics (1991, with W.F. Bynum).
Notes on Contributors

1. 'An Examined and Free Apothecary'
Juanita Burnby

2. Sir George Newman and the American Way
W.F. Bynum

3. The Scottish-Australian Connection 1850-1900
Laurence M. Geary

4. Medical Education in Later Medieval England
Faye Getz

5. Comparative Difficulties: Scottish Medical Education in the European Context ( c.1690-1830) Johanna Geyer-Kordesch

6. Producing Experts, Constructing Expertise: The School of Pharmacy of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, 1842-1896
S.W.F. Holloway

7. Theory of Medicine, Science of Life: The Place of Physiology Teaching in the Edinburgh Medical Curriculum, 1790-1870. Stephen Jacyna

8. Reading Medicine in Tudor Cambridge
Peter Murray Jones

9. 'As If None Understood the Art that Cannot Understand Greek': The Education of Midwives in Seventeenth-Century England
Helen King

10. Anatomy and Address: Creating Medical Gentlemen in Eighteenth-Century London. Susan C. Lawrence

11. Medical Education and Medical Reform
Irvine Loudon

12. Knowledge Common and Acquired: The Education of Unlicensed Medical Practitioners in Early Modern London
Margaret Pelling

11. Students Facing Boundaries: The Shift of Nineteenth-Century British Student Travel to German Universities and the Flexible Boundaries of a Medical Educational System
Godelieve van Heteren

12. American Doctors in London during the Age of Paris Medicine
John Harley Warner