Faith in the Enlightenment?

The Critique of the Enlightenment Revisited


One of the urgent tasks of modern philosophy is to find a path between the rationalism of the Enlightenment and the relativism of postmodernism. Rationalism alone cannot suffice to solve today’s problems, but neither can we dispense with reasonable critique. The task is to find ways to broaden the scope of rational thought without losing its critical power.
The first part of this volume explores the ideas of Enlightenment philosophers and shows nuances often absent from the common view of the Enlightenment. The second part deals with some of the modern heirs of Enlightenment, such as Durkheim, Habermas, and Derrida.
In the third part this volume looks at alternatives to Enlightenment thought in West European, Russian and Buddhist philosophy. Part four provides, over against the Enlightenment, a new starting point for the philosophy of religion in thinking about human beings, God, and the description of phenomena.

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Wessel STOKER: Introduction: Enlightenment in Discussion
Part I Highpoints of the Enlightenment
Cornelia RICHTER: The Productive Power of Reason: Voices on Rationality and Religion – a Sketch of the Development of the Enlightenment and its Aftermath
Dirk-Martin GRUBE: Gotthold Ephraim Lessing’s Ring Parable: An Enlightenment Voice on Religious Tolerance
Joris GELDHOF: Lessing and Schelling on Ancient Jewish History
Petruschka SCHAAFSMA: Thinking Less or Thinking Differently? Kant’s Enlightened View of Evil
Lassi LARJO: Preludes to the Postmodern? Jacobi and the Agenda of the Enlightenment
Part II The Continuation of the Project of the Enlightenment?
Tinneke BEECKMAN: Enlightenment and Reductionism: Freud’s Exemplary Theory of Religion
Günter THOMAS: The End of Privileged Perspectives: Blindness and Sight in the Identification of Religion
Ronald A. KUIPERS: Reconciling a Shattered Modernity: Habermas on the Enduring Relevance of the Judeo-Christian Ethical Tradition
Job de MEYERE: The ‘Enlightened’ Derrida: The Formalization of Religion
Frederiek DEPOORTERE: Belief as Primordial Choice: Slavoj Žižek on the Status of Faith and Belief after the Enlightenment
Part III Alternatives to the Enlightenment
Timo KOISTINEN: Does the Word ‘God’ Have the Same Meaning in Every Context?
N. VERBIN: Faith and Fiction
Manon de COURTEN: Between Apology and Sophianic Illumination: Vladimir Solovyov’s Reaction to Enlightenment
David PRATT : Spatial Metaphors in Pavel Florensky’s Absolute Knowledge: Guideposts in a ‘Lonely’ Critique of Reason
Annewieke VROOM: Can One Be Enlightened Without Using One’s Head? A Zen Criticism of Rationality On Hisamatsu Schin’ichi (1898-1980)
Part IV A New Approach
Ruud WELTEN: Religious Inwardness: A Challenge for Contemporary Phenomenology
Pamela SUE ANDERSON: Unselfing in Love: A Contradiction in Terms
Werner G. JEANROND: Love Enlightened: Promises and Ambiguities of Love
Joeri SCHRIJVERS: Marion on Miracles: Of Insufficient Reason and a New Enlightenment
Richard KEARNEY: Poetics of a Possible God
Lieven BOEVE: The Particularity of the Hermeneutics of God: A Response to Richard Kearney’s God-who-may-be
Hendrik M. VROOM: POSTSCRIPTUM: The Critique of the Critique of Enlightenment
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