Crossroad Discourses between Christianity and Culture


Volume Editors: Jerald D. Gort, Henry Jansen, and W. Stoker
Christianity exists in relation to and interacts with its cultural environment in a number of ways. In this volume authors from a wide variety of backgrounds explore various facets of the relationship and interaction of Christianity with its cultural environment: politics, society, esthetics, religion and spirituality, and with itself. Divided into three main sections, Crossroad Discourses between Christianity and Culture looks at the interaction of Christianity with culture in the first section, with other religions and spiritualities in the second, and finally with itself in the third. The contributions engage in a critical examination of not only the culture in which Christianity finds itself but also in a critical examination of Christianity itself and its interaction with that culture.
The editors hope that teachers, students, and readers in general will profit greatly from the critical articles contained in this book.

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Wessel Stoker: Introductory Essay: Theology of Culture, Secularity, and Plurality
Part I: Christianity Interacting with Western and Contemporary Culture
Modern Culture: General
André Droogers: The Background and Nature of the Deep Changes in the Religious Realities in Modern Europe
Cornelis van der Kooi: The Concept of Culture in Abraham Kuyper, Herman Bavinck, and Karl Barth
Faith and Reason
Keith Ward: The Role of Faith in Science and in Religion
Edwin Koster: Christian Faith and Reason: A Hermeneutical Approach
Ronald A. Kuipers: Amor Mundi in a (Post)Liberal Era: The Relevance of an Arendtian Theme for Christian: Self-Understanding Today
Ton van Prooijen: Equality, Difference, and Justice
Connie Aarsbergen: Business Ethics and Intrinsic Motivation in a Pluralist World
Society and Politics
Henk E.S. Woldring: Renewal of Civilization: Toward Justice and Peace
Govert J. Buijs: Populism: A Blessing in Disguise for Democracy?
Jerald D. Gort: Poverty, Oppression, and Christian Faith
Etienne de Villiers: .The Public Role of Churches in Present Democratic South Africa
Desiree Berendsen: Imagination and Art in the Christian Faith: On Imagination and Art in the Church
Henry Jansen: Language, Literature, and Transcendence: The Contribution of F.R. Leavis
Lourens Minnema: Readiness and Timing: The Early Modern Virtues of Hamlet’s Providential Christianity
Part II: Christianity Interacting with World Religions and Traditions
African Traditions
Frans Wijsen: Indigenous Spirituality and Sustainable Development: A Critical Appraisal of African Renaissance Rhetoric
W.L. van der Merwe: African Philosophy, Contextualisation, Multiculturalism
Victor van Bijlert: Untouchables, Christians, and Hindus: How the Sacred World Order is Preserved and Renounced
Jan Peter Schouten: Contemporary Christian-Hindu Relations in Britain and the Netherlands
Alberdina Houtman: Superseded, Obstructive, or Crucial? Christian Views of Judaism and its Sacred Texts
Simon Schoon: Recent Developments in Christian-Jewish Dialogue
John D’Arcy May: Sympathy and Empathy: The Compassionate Bodhisattva and the Love of Christ
Christa Anbeek: Christian and Buddhist Spiritualities: Their Differences and Complementarities
Gé Speelman: Present-Day Europe and Islam in Encounter: Emerging European Islam and its Dialogue Partners
Alle G. Hoekema: The Council of Churches in the Netherlands and its Encounter with Islam
Encounter with China and with New Religiosities
Sander Griffioen: Proximity and Distance China and the Christian West: An Essay in Intercultural Philosophy
Reender Kranenborg: Christian Views of the New Religiosities of the Western World
Part III: Christianity Interacting with Itself
World Council of Churches
Conrad J. Wethmar: Recent Ecclesiological Developments in the World Council of Churches: Continuity or Discontinuity?
Jan van Butselaar: Conversion in the Ecumenical Debate: Great Joy or Great Discomfort?
World Alliance of Reformed Churches
Michael Weinrich: Confessio and Traditio: A Reformed Approach in Dialogue with the Lutheran Tradition
George Newlands: Christianity and Culture: WARC at the Millennium
The Wider Ecumenism
Martien E. Brinkman: Intercultural Theology as the Integration of Ecumenism and Missiology: The Example of Current Latin American Christology
Anton Houtepen: God Has No Favourites: Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue. The Unity of God’s Creation
Index of Subjects
Index of Names