Post-Theory, Culture, Criticism


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Stefan HERBRECHTER and Ivan CALLUS: Post-Theory?
SECTION I : POST- THEORY – Critical Assessments
Donald MORTON: Transforming Theory: Cultural Studies and the Public Humanities
Andrew COOPER: Appropriate Nineteenth-Century Texts? Questions Concerning the Popular Culture of Theory
Thomas DOCHERTY: The Fate of Culture
Rainer EMIG: Right in the Margins: An Eccentric View of Culture
Christopher NORRIS: ‘Fog Over Channel, Continent Isolated’ Theory, Philosophy and the Great Divide
SECTION 2: POST-THEORY – Critical Upgrades
Stefan HERBRECHTER: Toying with the Postmodern – ‘To Infinity and Beyond’
Scott WILSON: The Joy of Things
Stefania CASSAR: Science as Post-Theory? Discourses of Evolution in Christine Brooke-Rose’s Subscript
Fred BOTTING: Culture, Litterature, Information
Ivan CALLUS: Reading Derrida Post-Theoretically
Ivan CALLUS and Stefan HERBRECHTER: CODA: Theory Reloaded
Notes on Contributors