Returning (to) Communities

Theory, Culture and Political Practice of the Communal


Returning (to) Communities offers an innovative collection of examples and case studies into what has become a hotly disputed topic. The chapters present a wide-ranging series of interventions into the new debates over the concepts and practices of “community” and the communal. For this book, scholars have been gathered from across Europe and Australia as well as from the United States, and several contributors are involved in community practice. Returning (to) Communities is essential reading to researchers and students in social policy, sociology, ethnic studies, cultural analysis, media studies, and across all of the social sciences and humanities concerned with the communal and the collective.
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Table of contents

Stefan HERBRECHTER and Michael HIGGINS: Introduction
Section One: Conceptualising Communities
Richard TYLER: Comprehending Community
Ivan CALLUS: Theorising Europe from the Other Shore: Derrida, Community and the Exemplarity of Europe
Thomas A. LEWIS: Heterogeneous Community: Beyond New Traditionalism
Lou CATON: Stanley Fish meet Jean-Paul Sartre: Community, Difference and Multicultural Theory
Ipek DEMIR: Thomas Kuhn’s Construction of Scientific Communities
Oleg DOMANOV: Jean-Luc Nancy: An Attempt to Reduce Community to Ontology
David BELL: Webs as Pegs
Section Two: Communities and Cultural Praxis
Antony ADOLF: Multilingualism and its Discontents: Hetero-Lingual Collectivity and the Critique of Homo-Lingual Communities
Elizabeth COLEMAN: Cultural Property and Collective Identity
Johanna GIBSON: Community in Resources, Tradition in Knowledge
Di DRUMMOND: Britain’s Railway Engineers: The First Virtual Global Communities?
Eva KINGSEPP: “Nazi fans” but not Neo-Nazis: The Cultural Community of “WWII
Jackie MCMILLAN: Putting the Cult Back into Community
Nancy THUMIM: Mediated Self-Representations: “Ordinary People” in “Communities”
Renée DICKASON: Community and Communities in British Television Ads
Bano MURTUJA: The Bubble of Diaspora: Perpetuating “Us” Through Sacred Ideals
Section Three: Communities and Political Practice
Tammy GRIMSHAW: The Gay “Community:” Stabilising Political Construct or Oppressive Regulatory Regime?
Sam HILLYARD: Cull MAFF!: The Mobilisation of the Farming Community During the
2001 Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Epidemic
Paul BAGGULEY and Yasmin HUSSAIN: Conflict and Cohesion: Official Constructions of “Community” Around the 2001 “Riots” in Britain
George MORGAN: Aboriginal Politics, Self-Determination and the Rhetoric of Community
Marjorie MAYO: Building Heavens, Havens or Hells? Community as Policy in the Context
of the Post-Washington Consensus


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