Exile Cultures, Misplaced Identities


Exile Cultures, Misplaced Identities takes a transnational and transcultural approach to exile and its capacities to alter the ways we think about place and identity in the contemporary world. The edited collection brings together researchers on exile in international perspective from three continents who explore questions of exilic identity along multiple geopolitical and cultural axes—Cuba, the USA and Australia; Colombia and the USA; Algeria and France; Italy, France and Mexico; non-Han minorities and Han majorities in China; China, Tibet and India; Japan and China; New Caledonia, Vietnam and France; Hungary, the USSR, and Australia; and Germany, before and after unification. The international and crosscultural span of this collection represents an important addition to the fields of exile criticism and cultural identity studies. Exile Cultures, Misplaced Identities will be of interest to readers, scholars and students of exile, diasporic and transmigration studies, international studies, postcolonial studies, cultural studies, language studies, and comparative literary studies.
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Review Quotes

"A highly recommended collection that aims to “alter the ways we think about place and identity in the contemporary world.”" – in: U 7 (10 August 2008)
"This collection of diverse accounts on how exile is experienced and expressed across the globe promotes interdisciplinary discussion, which should be of interest to scholars in history, sociology, cultural and literary studies, as well as artists, writers and activists outside the academic sphere." – in: Transnational Literature 2 (1 November 2009)

Table of contents

Paul ALLATSON and Jo MCCORMACK: Introduction
Susette COOKE: Becoming and Unbecoming Tu: Nation, Nationality and Exilic Agency in the People’s Republic of China
David S.G. GOODMAN: Exile as Nationality: The Salar of Northwest China
Obododimma OHA: Language, Exile, and the Burden of Undecidable Citizenship: Tenzin Tsundue and the Tibetan Experience
Rowena WARD: Returning from Exile: The Japanese Citizens from the Former Manchuria
Jo MCCORMACK: Memory and Exile: Contemporary France and the Algerian War (1954-1962)
Ana DE MEDEIROS: The Language of Exile: Haunting Desires in Djebar’s La Disparition de la langue française
Tess DO: Exile: Rupture and Continuity in Jean Vanmai’s Chân Dang and Fils de Chân Dang
Yixu LÜ: Exiled in the Homeland: Heiner Müller’s Medea
Sue HAJDÚ: Acceptance: on 1956: Desire and the Unknowable
Maja MIKULA: Displacement and Shifting Geographies in the Noir Fiction of Cesare Battisti
Jeff BROWITT: “En híbrida mezcolanza” : Exile and Anxiety in Alirio Díaz Guerra’s Lucas Guevara
Olga LORENZO: Shame, Nostalgia and Cuban American Cultural Identity in Fiction: “la cubana arrepentida”
Marivic WYNDHAM: Dying in the New Country
Devleena GHOSH: Coda: Eleven Stars Over the Last Moments of Andalusia
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