In the Party Spirit

Socialist Realism and Literary Practice in the Soviet Union, East Germany and China


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PART I: NOTIONS OF TRUTH: SOCIALIST REALISM AS A REGULATIVE NORM. Hilary CHUNG & Tommy McCLELLAN: The 'Command Enjoyment' of Literature in China: Conferences, Controls and Excesses. Martin DEWHIRST: Soviet Socialist Realism and the Soviet Censorship System. Lorenz BICHLER: Coming to Terms with a Term: Notes on the History of the Use of Socialist Realism in China. PART II: IN THE PARTY SPIRIT: PATTERNS OF CONFORMITY? Igor SHAITANOV: From Avant-garde to Socialist Realism: How Writers Adapt. Michael A. NICHOLSON: Solzhenitsyn as 'Socialist Realist'. Michael FALCHIKOV: Endings and Non-endings in Iurii Trifonov. Ian WALLACE: Anna Seghers and the Appeal of Socialist Realism. Yang LAN: 'Socialist Realism' versus 'Revolutionary Realism plus Revolutionary Romanticism'. Alla LATYNINA: The Stalin Prizes for Literature as the Quintessence of Socialist Realism. PART III: THE SEARCH FOR AN ALTERNATIVE VOICE: HISTORY, MODERNISM, FEMINISM. Rudolf G. WAGNER: Culture and Code: Historical Fiction in a Socialist Environment: The GDR and China. Dennis TATE: James Joyce and Socialist Realism? Modernist Awareness and Ideological Constraints in GDR Literature. Hannes KRAUSS: Avant-Garde or Idyll? Christa Wolf's Discovery of Modernity. Chen XIAOMING: The Disappearance of Truth: From Realism to Modernism in China. Sigrid LANGE: Two Generations of Women's Literature in the GDR: A Study of Power and Feminism. PART IV: THE END OF SOCIALIST REALISM. Galina BELAYA: The Self-destruction of Closed Cultures. Index.