Übersetzen als Kulturvermittlung: Deutschland und die Niederlande


Editors: Jattie Enklaar and Hans Ester

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Table of contents
David ARNOLD: Introduction: Tropical Medicine before Manson. M.N. PEARSON: First Contacts between Indian and European Medical Systems: Goa in the Sixteenth Century. Peter BOOMGAARD: Dutch Medicine in Asia, 1600-1900. Kenneth F. KIPLE and Kriemhild CONEÈ ORNELAS: Race, War and Tropical Medicine in the Eighteenth-Century Caribbean. Michael A. OSBORNE: Resurrecting Hippocrates: Hygienic Sciences and the French Scientific Expeditions to Egypt, Morea and Algeria. Philip D. CURTIN: Disease and Imperialism. Julyan G. PEARD: Tropical Medicine in Nineteenth-Century Brazil: The Case of the 'Escola Tropicalista Bahiana', 1860-1890. Mark HARRISON: A Question of Locality: The Identity of Cholera in British India, 1860-1890. Anne Marie MOULIN: Tropical without the Tropics: The Turning-Point of Pastorian Medicine in North Africa. Michael WORBOYS: Germs, Malaria and the Invention of Mansonian Tropical Medicine: From 'Diseases in the Tropics' to 'Tropical Diseases'. Douglas Melvin HAYNES: Social Status and Imperial Service: Tropical Medicine and the British Medical Profession in the Nineteenth Century. Index.
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