"And Never Know the Joy"

Sex and the Erotic in English Poetry


Editor: C.C. Barfoot
“And Never Know the Joy” : Sex and the Erotic in English Poetry promises the reader much to enjoy and to reflect on: riddles and sex games; the grammar of relationships; the cunning psychology of bodily fantasies; sexuality as the ambiguous performance of words; the allure of music and its instruments; the erotics of death and remembrance, are just a few of the initial themes that emerge from the twenty-five articles to be found in this volume, with many an invitation “to seize the day”. Reproduction, pregnancy, and fear; discredited and degraded libertines; the ventriloquism of sexual objects; the ease with which men are reduced to impotence by the carnality of women; orgasm and melancholy; erotic mysticism and religious sexuality; the potency and dangers of fruit and flowers; the delights of the recumbent male body and of dancing girls; the fertile ritual use of poetic texts; striptease and revolution; silent women reclaimed as active vessels, are amongst the many engaging topics that emerge out of the ongoing and entertaining scholarly discussion of sex and eroticism in English poetry.
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Table of contents

Janine ROGERS: Riddling Erotic Identity in Early English Lyrics
Kevin Teo Kia CHOONG: Bodies of Knowledge: Embodying Riotous Performance in the Harley Lyrics
Luisella CAON: The Pronouns of Love and Sex: Thou and Ye Among Lovers in The Canterbury Tales
Bart VELDHOEN: Reason versus Nature in Dunbar’s “Tretis of the Twa Mariit Wemen and the Wedo”
Glyn PURSGLOVE: Prick-Song Ditties: Musical Metaphor in the Bawdy Verse of the Early Modern Period
Mark LLEWELLYN: “Cease Thy Wanton Lust”: Thomas Randolph’s Elegy, the Cult of Venetia, and the Possibilities of Classical Sex
Rebecca C. POTTER: The Nymph’s Reply Nine Months Later
Tracy WENDT LEMASTER: Lowering the Libertine: Feminism in Rochester’s “The Imperfect Enjoyment”
Kari Boyd Mcbride: “Upon a Little Lady”: Gender and Desire in Early Modern English Lyrics
Lisa Marie LIPIPIPATVONG: “Freeborn Joy”: Sexual Expression and Power in William Blake’s Visions of the Daughters of Albion
Nowell MARSHALL: Of Melancholy and Mimesis: Social Bond(age)s in Visions of the Daughters of Albion
Monika LEE: “Happy Copulation”: Revolutionary Sexuality in Blake and Shelley
Daniel BRASS: “Bursting Joy’s Grape” in Keats’ Odes
C.C. BARFOOT: “In This Strang Labourinth How Shall I Turne?”: Erotic Symmetry in Four Female Sonnet Sequences
Britta ZANGEN: Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market”: The Eroticism of Female Mystics
Fahrï ÖZ: “To Take Were to Purloin”: Sexuality in the Narrative Poems of Christina Rossetti
J.D. BALLAM: Renaissance Erotic in the Poetry of John Addington Symonds
R. van BRONSWIJK: The Brilliance of Gas-Lit Eyes: Arthur Symons’ Erotic Auto-Voyeurism Observed
Andrew HARRISON: The Erotic in D.H. Lawrence’s Early Poetry
Nephie J. CHRISTODOULIDES: Triangulation of Desire in H.D.’s Hymen
Peg ALOI: “Smile, O Voluptuous Cool-Breath’d Earth”: Erotic Imagery and Context in Contemporary Ritual Authorship
Wim TIGGES: Two Tongues in One Mouth: Erotic Elements in Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill’s Irish Poetry and Its English Translations
Sandie BYRNE: Sex in the “Sick, Sick Body Politic”: Tony Harrison’s Fruit
Cheryl Alexander MALCOLM: (Un)Dressing Black Nationalism: Nikki Giovanni’s (Counter)Revolutionary Ethics
Wolfgang GÖRTSCHACHER: Biblio-Erotic and Jewish Erotic Configurations in Georgia Scott’s The Penny Bride
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