Modernism Revisited

Transgressing Boundaries and Strategies of Renewal in American Poetry


Offering essays from some of the leading academic writers and younger scholars in the field of American studies from both the United States and Europe, this volume constitutes a rich and varied reconsideration of Modernist American poetry. Its contributions fall into two general categories: new and original discussions of many of the principal figures of the movement (Frost, Pound, Eliot, Williams, Cummings and Stevens) and reflections on the phenomenon of Modernism within a broader cultural context (the influence of Haiku, parallels and connections with Surrealism, responses to the Modernist accomplishment by later American poets). Because of its mixture of European and American perspectives, Modernism Revisited will be of vital interest to students and scholars of American literature and Modernism in general and of twentieth-century comparative literature and art.
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Table of contents

Paul Scott DERRICK: Introduction
I. Reflections on Modernity: The Aura of Modernism
Marjorie PERLOFF: The Aura of Modernism
II. Transgressing Boundaries: Some Modernists Revisited
Barry AHEARN: Frost’s Sonnets, In and Out of Bounds
Hélène AJI: Pound and Williams: The Letters as Modernist Manifesto
Zhaoming QIAN: Pao-hsien Fang and the Naxi Rites in Ezra Pound’s Cantos
Viorica PATEA: T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land and the Poetics of the Mythical Method
Isabelle ALFANDARY: Poetry as Ungrammar in E. E. Cummings’ Poems
Bart EECKHOUT: Wallace Stevens’ Poetry of Resistance
III. Strategies of Renewal: Modernism in a Broader Context
Gudrun M. GRABHER: In Search of Words for “Moon-Viewing”: The Japanese Haiku and the Skepticism towards Language in Modernist American Poetry
Ernesto SUÁREZ-TOSTE: Spontaneous, not Automatic: William Carlos Williams versus Surrealist Poetics
Manuel BRITO: Instances of the Journey Motif through Language and Selfhood in some Modernist American Poets
Heinz ICKSTADT: For Love and Language: The Poetry of Robert Creeley
Charles ALTIERI: Modernist Realism and Lowell’s Confessional Style
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