Beckett, Joyce and the Art of the Negative


This collection presents articles that examine Joyce and Beckett’s mutual interest in and use of the negative for artistic purposes. The essays range from philological to psychoanalytic approaches to the literature, and they examine writing from all stages of the authors’ careers. The essays do not seek a direct comparison of author to author; rather they lay out the intellectual and philosophical foundations of their work, and are of interest to the beginning student as well as to the specialist.
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Review Quotes

”…excellent new readings of minor works by both Joyce and Beckett…” in: James Joyce Literary Supplement, Vol. 20, No. 2, 2006

Table of contents

Bibliographical Note
Colleen JAURRETCHE: Introduction
Keri Elizabeth AMES: Joyce’s Aesthetic of the Double Negative and His Encounters with Homer’s Odyssey
Dirk VAN HULLE: “Nichtsnichtsundnichts”: Beckett’s and Joyce’s Transtextual Undoings
Russell KILBOURN: The Unnamable: Denegative Dialogue
Ulrika MAUDE: Mingled Flesh
John L. MURPHY: Beckett’s Purgatories
Lois OPPENHEIM: The Uncanny in Beckett
Nels PEARSON: Death Sentences: Silence, Colonial Memory and the Voice of the Dead in Dubliners
John PILLING: Something for Nothing: Beckett’s Dream of Fair to Middling Women
Jean-Michel RABATÉ: Joyce’s Negative Esthetics
Fritz SENN: The Joyce of Impossibilities
Asja SZAFRANIEC: “Wanting in Inanity”: Negativity, Language and “God” in Beckett
Yuan YUAN: From Ideology of Loss to Aesthetics of Absence. The Endgame in Beckett’s The Lost Ones


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