Joyce's ''Ithaca''


Volume Editor: Andrew Gibson

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Bibliographical Note. Andrew GIBSON: Introduction. AESTHETICS. Fritz SENN: Ithaca: Portrait of the Chapter as a Long List. Antonia FRITZ: Oviditties in Ithaca. POLITICS. L.H. PLATT: 'If Brian Boru Could But Come Back And See Old Dublin Now': Materialism, The National Culture And Ulysses 17. Andrew GIBSON: 'An Aberration of the Light of Reason': Science and Cultural Politics in Ithaca. ECONOMICS. Richard BROWN: Returning to the Economic in Ithaca. Steven CONNOR: 'From the House of Bondage to the Wilderness of Inhabitation': The Domestic Economies of Ithaca. PROPAEDEUTICS. Robert HAMPSON: 'Allowing for Possible Error': Education and Catechism in Ithaca.