Mapping Memory in Nineteenth-Century French Literature and Culture

Volume Editors: Susan Harrow and Andrew Watts
Memory and memory studies have shaped a major site of humanities research over the last twenty years. Examined by ethnographers, archaeologists, social scientists, historians, economists, archivists, art historians, and literary scholars, the theme of memory – individual memory and memoir, collective memory, official memory and oral memory, cultural memory and popular memory – has informed academic discourse and formed institutional structures. Yet, the matter of memory is, paradoxically, under-explored in studies of the ‘long nineteenth century’ in France. Mapping Memory in Nineteenth-Century French Literature and Culture focuses critical attention on that neglected century when France was struggling to negotiate the serially renewed memory of revolutionary turmoil and socio-cultural redefinition. This volume explores the spaces that the memory process claims and shapes, and it works to identify the crosscurrents that connect those spaces. It asks how memory resists – or cedes to – colonisations by authority, by official discourse, by history, and by aesthetics. It asks how memory-work coincides with or morphs into the processes of the imagination. Eschewing diachronic approaches, the contributors to this volume explore sites around which memory is concentrated or which it shapes and informs: Memory on the Street; Sites of National Memory; Metamorphoses: Memory and Literary Practice; and Memory’s Imaginary Spaces.

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"An intellectually satisfying exploration of an important topic, and a precious snapshot of the state of nineteenth-century French studies." – Andrew J. Counter, King’s College London
Notes on contributors
Susan Harrow and Andrew Watts: Introduction
Memory on the Street
Colette Wilson: The Word on the Street: Remembering the Paris Commune in the Twenty-First Century
Elizabeth Emery: Staging La Fête des fous et de l’âne in 1898 : A Commemoration of the Literary Middle Ages
Luc Nemeth: La Composante populaire de l’Affaire Dreyfus et ses effets d’oubli ultérieur
Richard Saint-Gelais: Spectres de Madame Bovary: La transfictionnalité comme remémoration
Sites of National Memory
Brian Martin: Napoleonic Memory and Memoir: Military Friendship and the Memoirs of Colonel Combe
Melanie Vandenbrouck-Przybylski: Myth-Making and Memento: L’Expédition des Portes de Fer
Rémi Dalisson: La Fête nationale, espace de construction d’une mémoire nationale au XIX siècle
Ben Fisher: Reporting on the Nineteenth Century: Catulle Mendès, Le Mouvement poétique français de 1867 à 1900
Metamorphoses: Memory and Literary Practice
Owen Heathcote: Balzac’s ‘mal d’archive’? ‘Lieux de mémoire’ in Le Lys dans la vallée
Lucy Garnier et Cécile Meynard: L’Ecriture du souvenir dans les ‘Journaux’ de Stendhal
Tim Farrant: Remémorer Rabelais en France au XIXe siècle: un souvenir d’avenir?
Denis Saint-Amand: Souvenirs zutiques, en vers et contre tous
Memory’s Imaginary Spaces
Mary Orr: Cultural History in Question: Flaubert’s La Légende de saint Julien l’hospitalier and the Genres of Collective Memory
Carmen Mayer-Robin: Memory, Vision and Meaning in La Tentation de saint Antoine: The Mechanics of a Narrative Hallucination
Emilie Piton-Foucault: Territoire de la mémoire, territoire du réel dans La Faute de l’Abbé Mouret d’Emile Zola
Francesco Manzini: Prophesying the Past: Memory and Sacrifice in Barbey d’Aurevilly’s Un prêtre marié