Editor: Barbara Schaff
This volume explores the dynamic and productive cultural forces engendered by exiles, wanderers, and diasporic communities in Britain and Italy over more than five centuries. It investigates the historic resonance of transnational encounters and movements between two European cultures that look back on a long history of cross-fertilisation. Drawn from a range of academic disciplines including literary studies, history, musicology, art history and bibliography, it presents the ways in which exiles, émigrés, intermediaries and their attendant cultural perspectives interact with the sometimes repressive, sometimes productive religious or political systems and ideologies that they encounter. This volume pays tribute to the stimulating exchange, circulation, and appropriation that has occurred between Britain and Italy, showing that the condition of displacement can lead not only to the articulation of loss and grief, but also to fruitful forms of interaction.

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Barbara Schaff: Introduction: Paradise of Exiles?
Early Cultural Mediations
William Thomas Rossiter: ‘Amydde the see’ (‘in alto mar’): Chaucer, Petrarch, and the Poetics of Exile
Ralf Hertel: Nationalising History? Polydore Vergil’s Anglica Historia, Shakespeare’s Richard III, and the Appropriation of the English Past
Michael Wyatt: John Florio’s Translation of Kingship: An Italian Baptism for James VI/I’s Basilikon Doron
Diplomatic Interventions
Donatella Abbate Badin: Lady Morgan, an Ambassador of Goodwill to Italian Exiles
Simonetta Berbeglia: James Montgomery Stuart: A Scotsman in Florence
Peter Vassallo: John Hookham Frere, Gabriele Rossetti, and Anglo-Italian Cooperation in Exile
Owain J. Wright: The ‘Pleasantest Post’ in the Service? Contrasting British Diplomatic and Consular Experiences in Early Liberal Italy
Religious and Political Difference
Gaby Mahlberg: ‘All the conscientious and honest papists’: Exile and Belief Formation of an English Republican
Xavier Cervantes: ‘Null’altra Musica è qui gradita che la nostra’? Cultural Politics, Anti-Catholic Anxiety, and the Italian Operatic Community in London in the 1720s
Maurizio Masetti: The 1844 Post Office Scandal and its Impact on English Public Opinion
Itinerant Communities
Stefano Villani: The Italian Protestant Church of London in the 17th Century
Peter Hoare: ‘A Room with a View – and a Book’: Some Aspects of Library Provision for English Residents and Visitors to Florence, 1815-1930
Tony Kushner: Negotiating and Narrating Homelessness: Refugees from the 1930s
Perspectives and Poetics of Literary Exile
Tobias Döring: Imaginary Homelands? D.G. Rossetti and his Father between Italy and England
Fabienne Moine: The Diary of an Ennuyée: Anna Jameson’s Sentimental Journey to Italy or the Exile of a Fragmented Heart
Christopher Whalen: ‘A Little Ireland’: James Joyce, Dublin, and Trieste
Mara Cambiaghi: The Inner Exile of Beppe Fenoglio
Mobile Aesthetics
Brendan Cassidy: Gavin Hamilton: A Scots Dealer in Old Masters in 18th Century Rome
David Ekserdjian: Crowe and Cavalcaselle then and now
Emma Sutton: ‘English Enthusiasts’: Vernon Lee and Italian Opera
Notes on Contributors