Fichte, German Idealism, and Early Romanticism


This volume of 23 previously unpublished essays explores the relationship between the philosophy of J.G. Fichte and that of other leading thinkers associated with German Idealism and the early Romantic movement. Several papers explore the broader question of Fichte’s relationship and contribution to “German idealism” and “German romanticism” in general, while others offer comparative studies of the relationship between Fichte’s writings and those of Leibniz, Kant, Schelling, Hegel, Friedrich Schlegel, Novalis, Schleiermacher, and Wilhelm von Humboldt.
Taken collectively, this set of essays provides anglophone readers with a new and historically accurate understanding of the origin, development, and reception of Fichte’s philosophy in the context of its own era and in relationship to the most important intellectual movements of the time. The authors include both well established and internationally recognized experts in their fields as well as younger scholars with fresh and challenging perspectives to offer.
This volume proposes a new interpretation of the history of German idealism in general and of the place therein of Fichte's Wissenschaftslehre. It emphasizes the intimate connection between “transcendental idealism” and “German romanticism” and shows how developments within each of these intellectual movements reflected and in turn influenced developments within the other. Finally, it sheds new light on Fichte’s own philosophical development and does so by relating the various stages of his writings to other contemporary movements and authors.

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Daniel Breazeale: Introduction
In the Wake of Kant
Tom Rockmore: Fichte, German Idealism and the Thing in Itself
Nectarios Limnatis: Fichte and the Problem of Logic: Positioning the Wissenschaftslehre in the Development of German Idealism
Daniel Breazeale: Doing Philosophy: Fichte vs. Kant on Transcendental Method
Giorgia Cecchinato: Form and Colour in Kant’s and Fichte’s Theory of Beauty
Wissenschaftslehre in Context
Steven Hoeltzel: Critical Epistemology and Idealist Metaphysics in Fichte’s Wissenschaftslehre (1794–1800)
Ulrich Schlösser: Presuppositions of Knowledge versus Immediate Certainty of Being: Fichte’s 1804 Wissenschaftslehre as a Critique of Knowledge and a Program of Philosophical Foundation
F. Scott Scribner: Falsification: On the Role of the Empirical in J. G. Fichte’s Transcendental Method
Marina Bykova: The Self as the World Into Itself. Towards Fichte’s Conception of Subjectivity
Fichte and Schelling
Richard Fincham: Schelling’s Subversion of Fichtean Monism, 1794–1796
Yolanda Estes: Intellectual Intuition: Reconsidering Continuity in Kant, Fichte, and Schelling
George Seidel: From Idealism to Romanticism and Leibniz’ Logic
Fichte and Hegel
Angelica Nuzzo: Fichte’s Transcendental Logic of 1812 – Between Kant and Hegel
C. Jeffery Kinlaw: Practical Rationality and Natural Right: Fichte and Hegel on Self-Conception within a Relation of Natural Right
Virginia López-Domínguez: Political Realism in Idealism: Fichte versus Hegel and their Different Versions of the Foundation of Right
Arnold Farr: Fichte’s Master/Slave Dialectic: The Untold Story
Anthony N. Perovich Jr.: Fichte, Hegel, and the Senses of »Revelation«
Matthew C. Altman: Fichte’s Anti-Hegelian Legacy
Fichte and Early Romanticism
Michael G. Vater: »Philosophy on the Track of Freedom« or » Systematizing Systemlessness«: Novalis’s Reflections on the Wissenschaftslehre, 1795–1796
Violetta L. Waibel: »With Respect to the Antinomies, Fichte has a Remarkable Idea.« Three Answers to Kant and Fichte – Hardenberg, Hölderlin, Hegel
Elizabeth Millán-Zaibert: Forgetfulness and Foundationalism: Schlegel’s Critique of Fichte’s Idealism
Bärbel Frischmann: Friedrich Schlegel’s Transformation of Fichte’s Transcendental into an Early Romantic Idealism
David Kenosian: Sound Reasoning: Fichtean Elements in Wilhelm von Humboldt’s Philosophy of Language
Claude Piché: Fichte, Schleiermacher and W. von Humboldt on the Foundation of the University of Berlin