Prenzlauer Berg

Bohemia in East Berlin?


Volume Editors: Philip Brady and Ian Wallace
In this volume an international team of scholars assesses the significance of 'Prenzlauer Berg', a remarkable 'alternative culture' which took its name from the run-down area of East Berlin with which it became synonymous. As well as offering a critical overview of this culture, the books presents detailed studies of the work of two major poets with whom it is particularly associated, Elke Erb and Bert Papenfuß-Gorek, and also considers the significance of 'boundary' as one of Prenzlauer Berg's central defining metaphors. There are substantial contributions by three East Germans with significant personal experience of Prenzlauer Berg both before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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Philip BRADY: Prenzlauer Berg - Enclave? Schrebergarten? Powerhouse? Karin LEEDER: 'ich fühle mich in grenzen wohl': The metaphors of boundary and the boundaries of metaphor in 'Prenzlauer Berg'. Gerrit-Jan BERENDSE: Beat am Prenzlauer Berg: Das Treffen zweier Subkulturen. Martin KANE: Regeneration of the language or Gequirlter Stumpfsinn (Wolf Biermann). The poetry of Bert Papenfuß-Gorek. Hanne CASTEIN: Elke Erb. Christoph TANNERT: Nach realistischer Einschätzung der Lage...: Absage an Subkultur und Nischenexistenz in der DDR. Kersten GLANDIEN: KunstBrücke zwischen London-Southwark und Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg: Bericht über ein regionales Projekt. Thomas FLIERT: Kulturarbeit und gesellschaftliche Modernisierung: Erfahrungen aus dem Ost-Berliner Bezirk Prenzlauer Berg. Reviews.