The Party of Democratic Socialism in Germany

Modern Post-Communism or Nostalgic Populism?


Editor: Peter Barker
The Party of Democratic Socialism in Germany, which includes the papers from the first conference on the PDS in Britain, brings together a range of scholars and politicians from Germany, Britain, France and the USA. It assesses the present position of the party within the German political system shortly before the second ‘Superwahljahr' in Germany. It also examines its relations with other post-communist parties in Europe and evaluates the state of its relations with the other political parties competing for the left-of-centre vote in the new Länder. Above all the volume is concerned with the question as to whether the PDS, as the successor party to the former ruling communist party in East Germany, represents a modern form of socialism or is merely a populist reaction to the particular concerns of eastern Germans after unification. The volume will be of particular interest to students and scholars of German and politics who are concerned with developments in Germany and Europe after the collapse of communism. There are twelve contributions to the volume, six in German and six in English.

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Peter BARKER: Preface. Peter BARKER: From the SED to the PDS: Continuity or Renewal? Oskar NIEDERMAYER: Die Stellung der PDS im ostdeutschen Parteiensystem. Henry KRISCH: Searching for Voters: PDS Mobilisation Strategies, 1994-97. Lothar PROBST: Die PDS in Rostock: Eine Lokalstudie über die Anatomie einer postkommunistischen Partei. Nick HUBBLE: The PDS in the Political Culture of Erfurt. Beatrice HARPER: Why Does the PDS Reach the Parts that Bündnis 90/Die Grünen cannot? Dieter KLEIN: Die PDS zwischen Ideologie und politischer Realität. Patrick MOREAU: Transnationale Vergleiche: Partei des Demokratischen Sozialismus, Parti Communiste Français, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista. Politische, ideologische und strategische Konvergenzen. Jens BASTIAN: Four-Way Street: The PDS vis-à-vis Former Communist Parties of Eastern Europe. Klaus-Jürgen SCHERER: Die SPD und die PDS. Elisabeth SCHROEDTER: Die Auseinandersetzungen von Bündnis 90/Die Grünen mit der PDS. Günter MINNERUP: The PDS and the Strategic Dilemmas of the German Left. Notes on the Contributors