East Germany

Continuity and Change


Editors: Paul Cooke and Jonathan Grix

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”…an important contribution to GDR studies and German Studies.” in: Monatshefte, Vol. 97, No. 2, 2005

Table of contents

Ian WALLACE: Preface. Section One: Martin KANE: The Role of the East German Writer. Paul COOKE: Continuity and Taboo: Sexual Repression and Vergangenheitsbewältigung in Wolfgang Hilbig's Die Weiber Simon BEVAN: Change and Continuity in the Work of Christoph Hein: a Comparison of Horns Ende (1985) and Von allem Anfang an (1997) David CLARKE: 'Mit Kunst der Welt beikommen': Christoph Hein on Literature, Ideology and the Possibility of Change in the GDR Diana ALBERGHINI: Re-defining the Role of the Intellectual and the Function of Literature: The Example of Helga Königsdorf Section Two: Wilfried van der WILL: The Visual Arts Astrid IHLE: Framing Socialist Reconstruction in the GDR: Women under Socialism - a Discussion of the Fragments of a Documentary Project by the Photographer Evelyn Richter Jennie HAWKSLEY: Continuity of Practice versus Change in Circumstance: GDR Visual Culture and the East German Artist. An Examination of the Work of Via and Pina Lewandowsky Section Three: Ian WALLACE: Varieties of Non-Conformity Jonathan GRIX: Non-Conformist Behaviour and the Collapse of the GDR Gordon Charles ROSS: The Swastika in Socialism: Right-Wing Extremism and Militant Nationalism in the GDR Stephen BROWN: The Protestant Churches and Political Opposition: Continuity and Change 1978 to 1989 Brendan de SILVA: The Protestant Church and the East German State: An Organisational Perspective Michael PLOETZ: The East German Peace Council in the Peace Struggle of the Early 1980s Section Four: Peter BARKER: Institutions and Parties Daniel HOUGH: SED to PDS - A Case of Continuity through Change? Julian RHYS: 'Was denn, es gibt euch noch?' The Freie Deutsche Jugend in the 1990s Thorsten LAUTERBACH: The German Reunified - Challenges to the Legal System Section Five: Chris FLOCKTON: Women, Economy and the Regions Bettina IGANSKI: The Meaning of Women's 'Second Family' for Current Patterns of Discontinuity in Rural East Germany Vanessa BECK: The Impact of Unemployment on Women in the New Bundesländer Corinne NATIVEL and Hannah TOOZE: The Significance of the Region in East Germany's Economic Transition List of Contributors

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